Paradise Island Killers: Potential stock of the Year!Open world mystery game!

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The author: pliers to thank the little black box invitation evaluating if say reasoning and finally the development direction of the game is what, I think it must be open world + reasoning, that is like in the real world, not using “so-and-so is not, wait until later to” forcibly card reasoning route, uncertain who will justify until the last minute, even in the end no one told me the right answer.But that will be like looking for a needle in a haystack as hard to find the truth, maybe also like the reality of a case as a dozen years of investigation.Paradise Island Killers is a bold attempt to strike a balance between authenticity and gameplay.It still leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s an enjoyable game to play.Let’s start with the game’s biggest selling point: the open world.In fact, this is just a gimmick, it is only “open”, that is, the game can go anywhere, although you can’t crawl but you can jump, but there is no “world”, the house is just a model with layers of texture, you can’t go in, there is no one in anyway, only a few things on the street can interact:Egg twisters, vending machines, and archive points, and all three are basically for collecting elements.It is not a living world, but a common scene.So “open world” is just an idea. It’s a good idea, but it’s a difficult one to implement.(The doors of residential buildings are just decoration, not entry.) Since pseudo-open worlds are full of entities that can’t interact, it becomes necessary to find entities that can interact.This is where the creativity of the game comes in: almost everything that can be interacted with has a bit of purple and a striking white [], which doesn’t match the color of the scene, so it’s easy to see.Of course, this destroys the harmony of the graphics and makes the game feel like a little web game from the last century.The place where the creators have a bit of an idea is the crime scene, of course, because the player has no relevant expertise, so the game has an ARTIFICIAL intelligence assistant for the player.In reality, if we come across a clue, such as a bloody blade or a victim’s wound, it can take a while for even professionals to get useful information, such as the blood on the blade, the shape of the weapon that matches the wound, etc., let alone us casual gamers.The AI can take this information in a flash and file it automatically, and that’s where I think authenticity and gameplay come in: we have to find the specific clues ourselves, but once we find them, we can get the information directly.When we get a clue that might be related to an NPC, we can go to the NPC and trigger a new conversation.By pressing CTRL, we can see how close the NPC is to us, and if there’s a new conversation, they have a red exclamation mark on their head, which is a balance between realism and gameplay, and keeps us from getting lost or forgetting a clue (there are so many clues).The freedom of the game is also reflected in the reasoning part, which is the core part of the game, after all, it is a reasoning game.During the game, we can enter the trial phase at any time, using the clues in our hands to identify the murderer.There will be several charges, each with more than one suspect, combing through these clues and eliminating useless suspects is where we need to reason most.In the end, the game doesn’t tell us the right answer, and we have to rely on our gut instinct to guess, because no matter who we identify, as long as it’s not based on evidence (and there’s some suspicion), that person will confess, and ultimately construct a “truth” that we’re happy with.As the verdict was handed down, the words “Your facts have become the truth” were a reminder that this may not be the truth.If the culprit is acquitted due to lack of evidence, you can also shoot him after the trial.The game also has a purpose for such a large map, one to make it harder to find a needle in a haystack, and the other to show the humanity of the game.In the context of the game’s story, Killers of Paradise Island is very thoughtful, and even a sequel with the same worldview is not out of the question.The setting is straight to the heart of the game: since the door to the island is closed, this is actually a secret room murder, only the “secret room” is an entire island, and the only remaining inhabitants of the island are the suspects.Moreover, as all the civilians were sacrificed, the seemingly vast island had fewer than ten living people.This greatly increases the size of the Chamber of Secrets while keeping the number of suspects within the player’s comfort zone, otherwise if there are hundreds or thousands of suspects, the player will be refunded.I have to be extremely subjective here: The gameplay is awesome!As a senior middle school student of 20 years, the game’s Settings make me feel a lot more excited.First of all, the world view of the game borrows from cthulhu myth, gods and demons come from a distant planet, and the shape of these gods is very strange, some is a stone, some is a woman with two dog heads, the main god “silent sheep” is a goat with tentacles, died after falling god.There’s also a lot of religious overtones and goat symbolism, which I strongly believe borrowings from Satanism.Satanism, by the way, is not a cult. It values wisdom and resists ignorance, which is consistent with the game’s truth-seeking approach.Of course, there’s the steam wave element, which is an abstract concept of art that I can’t quite put into words.Each god has a four-word name, and each name burns the soul of my middle two, mourning death, hateful harmony, blood dancer, weeping hate…Each character has a different constellation, which is named after these gods.At the end of the dialogue with each role, they will say to each other in each other’s sign exclusive sendoff, such as I love miss the signs of the zodiac is kiss me for months, so everyone in said goodbye to her and said “may you eventually to moon”, and the role of a constellation is a beautiful soul, for example, said goodbye I will say “may your soul look up at the stars.This detail setting is really too poke, too middle, too cool!I love this design!In addition to these gods set, the game has a lot of blood and death related nouns, computer called a nightmare, beverage company called death nebula, currency called blood crystal, verify the identity of things with their own blood blood bottle, when we meet with the altar, and can also offer their own blood in exchange for a stone carving of the gods.Like Dark Souls, the world view of the game is pieced together by gathering various things, and after we collect the stone carvings of gods and island monuments, we can gradually understand the magical setting and unconstrained imagination of the game.Mystery games?Scavenger hunt!Did I just say collect things?Yes, although the main purpose of the game is to solve crimes, the early purpose of the game is to collect various items, including picking up money from the ground.There are plenty of puzzles in the game, and solving them may yield clues, but more money.We can also pick up items abandoned by civilians, and the descriptions of these items also show the ecology of the island built in the game.There is even an AI assistant skin collected at each save point, although the skin is just a background image.Picking up a drink or encountering a strange demon can also trigger some soul-searching conversations (don’t overthink it, of course, if these conversations are heresies trying to beguile my materialist warriors).Like the interactive items above, pickups have an eye-catching box that can be seen from a distance.If these things are made as mundane as the surrounding modeling, some players may not know what to pick up until they finish the game.There are also a lot of NPCS in the game that we can ask for clues, but also chat and bond.This act of bonding allows them to give us more clues, but also get the goods they give us!This is basically galGame!Equivalent to the proof of a character we attack!I love these ritualistic objects!There are also three foot baths, which, once used, give us three skills in sequence: double jump, air dash, and auto-mark all pickups (not counting clues to solve crimes).The first time I used the third skill, I saw a vast collection of items spread out in front of me like stars.Although I was like, “How can I finish this?” I actually finished it.Collecting things on the vast island should be boring, but it’s not, because there’s one more thing to collect: music.Along the way we can also encounter broadcast towers, where an AI assistant can burn the music and edit the playlist like a real music player.The music is dynamic and upbeat, with a style and cover art borrowed from Japanese City Pop, perfect for walking.All of this music can be downloaded on Steam and is a great way to listen to it on your phone while you’re walking.Although the game is from a British studio, the two makers are heavily influenced by Japanese culture. Not only the music, but the game style is Japanese, and you can even see the studio logo in Japanese.The makers admit that Hitmen of Paradise Island, partly inspired by Bullet Theory, runs around solving crimes in a 3D world where NPCS are 2D paper men.Also, in order to make a quick impression on the player, each character in Pellets has a distinct personality and costume, which can also be seen in Paradise Island Killers.Not only that, but the character’s stance in the game is also very demonic, which is clearly modeled after JOJO’s.But I am not JO kitchen, can only list a few more far-fetched reference.But I don’t think it’s a reference, it should be called homage, after all, who doesn’t love JOJO?The bottom line is that Paradise Island Killer is an underrated game, despite its oversize maps, overuse of pointless buildings, a somewhat cynical art style, and no achievement system (Nani?!).”, but the early treasure hunting familiar terrain, the late interrogation clear case, during the period will not let the player feel boring, even the map of the small puzzle also let people once indulged in treasure hunting.The game is definitely worth playing for both treasure hunters and mystery lovers.