Baiyin Group promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through mixed reform

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In recent years, the silver colored group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “silver group”) with “+ industry investment fund investment and investment promotion and capital introduction” mode, the introduction of jiangxi jiujiang, science and technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “jiujiang DE fu”) battery grade high-grade electrolytic copper foil projects settled in lanzhou district, filling the gap in this area, gansu province,In promoting the extension of the industrial chain and industrial transformation and upgrading to explore a new way.”Mixed capital” is to set up funds to build a project incubation platform.To effectively play a role of state-owned capital to guide and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and non-ferrous metal chain fill strong chain chain, in February 2017, silver group jointly set up a total of 1 billion yuan of gansu province, gansu province international trust &investment extension matrix equity investment fund, giving full play to the advantages of the leverage of fund and the project incubation, investment to foster leading technology, a vast market and good growth associated projects,It also plans to expand cooperation through capital operation of the listing platform or investment promotion and other means to boost high-quality development of enterprises.The second is to focus on the extension chain complement chain strong chain cultivation project.Eyes fill JiBaiYin group in the field of deep processing of nonferrous metals “short board”, to the industrial value chain of high-end, in June 2017, silver group leading extension matrix fund investment of 180 million yuan, participation (18%) scientific research strength, advanced processing technology of the high-tech private enterprises jiujiang telford, support the development of battery grade high-grade electrolytic copper foil industries,With Baiyin Group formed the industrial chain synergy and complementarity.Third, actively introduce mature projects to gansu.In 2018, Baiyin Group seized the opportunity of vigorously developing the ten ecological industries in Gansu Province, and jointly introduced Jiujiang Defu to set up Gansu Defu New Material Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Gansu Defu”) with the shareholders of Gansu Province, and planned and constructed the battery-grade high-grade electrolytic copper foil project in Lanzhou New Area.The first-phase project with an annual output of 12,000 tons will be completed and put into operation in October 2019 and reach the production standard in 2020. The second-phase project with an annual output of 18,000 tons will start construction in September 2020 and be completed by the end of 2021.In 2021, Gansu Defu achieved sales revenue of 1.228 billion yuan and profit of 194 million yuan.One is to highlight standardized governance.Gansu Defu has a registered capital of 500 million yuan, of which jiujiang Defu holds 51%, Baiyin Group holds 37%, Gansu SDIC holds 10%, and Lanzhou New Area Investment Holding Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “New Area Investment Holding”) holds 2%.The shareholders of all parties establish a community of interests with equity as the bond, formulate the articles of association in accordance with the law, and improve the corporate governance structure. The chairman of the company is recommended by Jiujiang Defu. As the second largest shareholder, Baiyin Group has the right of veto in major matters, so as to achieve scientific and standardized decision-making management.Second, we will focus on improving efficiency.Focus on strategy, operation, finance, risk and other links, optimize the allocation of human resources, simplify the management level, establish a lean and efficient organization, management personnel account for only 8% of the total number of employees;Procurement of raw materials, organization of production, adjustment of product mix, flexible and efficient allocation of production factors, and effective improvement of management and operation efficiency.Third, highlighting and stimulating vitality.It has established a market-oriented operation mechanism that is in line with the market, the industry, the region and the performance. All the managers are professional managers. Since its establishment, 4 managers have been assessed and eliminated.The implementation of “one post one salary, easy post easy salary”, and performance closely linked to the highest and lowest income gap of 40%;Market-oriented recruitment and performance appraisal are carried out for all employees. The assessment results are sorted quarterly, and those at the bottom of the list are adjusted or terminated through negotiation twice in a row. Since 2018, nearly 400 employees have been recruited and more than 30 employees have been dismissed.To give full play to the advantages of shareholders to “promote development”, one is to build projects in collaboration with resources.Jiujiang Defu organizes the doctoral RESEARCH and development team to plan and design the project construction scheme, and sends professional and technical personnel to organize the project construction;Baiyin Group and Gansu SDIC provide professional support in project funds, engineering construction and project management.Investment control in the new area will coordinate the implementation of preferential policies for investment attraction and factors guarantee.Under the concerted efforts of all shareholders, gansu Defu Phase I project was completed and put into operation in only one year.Second, complementary advantages to ensure operation.Baiyin Group provides Stable raw material supply for Gansu Defu and ensures production and operation through the mode of “raw material supply period + product sales co-managed account”.Jiujiang Defu uses sales channels to establish stable cooperative relations with downstream core customers and improve fund turnover;Shareholders actively contacted financial institutions to raise 800 million yuan of low-cost financing for the construction of the second phase of the project to ensure smooth completion and operation by the end of 2021.Third, strategic mutual trust and common development.The shareholders seize the development opportunity of new material industry of lithium battery and make additional investment to promote the construction of project capacity expansion. On the basis of annual production capacity of 30,000 tons, the construction of phase III 40,000 tons project will start in October 2021, and it will be completed and put into operation by the end of 2022, with annual production capacity of 70,000 tons.From 2023 to the end of 2025, a production line of 130,000 tons will be built within 3 years, and the total production capacity will reach 200,000 tons at the end of the “14th Five-year Plan”, making Gansu Defu the largest electrolytic copper foil production base in the world.After the project is completed and put into operation, it can achieve an average annual sales revenue of about 20 billion yuan and a total profit of about 2 billion yuan.Through the implementation of Gansu Defu Project, Baiyin Group has not only extended the copper industry chain, accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also acquired the anode materials required for lithium battery production.With the advantage of resources, the company will continue to win the support of citic Group, its shareholder, to develop qinghai Salt Lake resources, make up the shortage of lithium resources, produce lithium battery cathode materials, deepen cooperation with China National Nuclear Titanium dioxide, Baofang carbon and other enterprises, plan to invest in new power and energy storage lithium battery projects, and promote the development of new energy battery industry cluster in Gansu Province.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: