After eating a bowl of egg custard, the 7-month-old was hospitalized with redness and difficulty breathing

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Article | hemicyenine mom was little yu more than six months son, mother to take him to do his doctor said to your mother, children begin to eat side dish, eat the rice paste can also give children eat some egg yolk, egg yolk can be iron, but also can give children lecithin, it is better for children’s brain development.After coming home, my mother went to the market to buy two catties of eggs and put them in the home with grandma. She said that she could get some egg yolks for the children to eat.At first, the grandmother boiled the egg yolk with the skin and then peeled it out, but the baby refused to eat the egg yolk alone and it seemed to stick in his throat, causing him to cough violently.So grandma thought how the child could eat egg yolk so young, so she steamed chicken custard for the child on her own.And grandma also thinks that the child is so small, not only the egg yolk is nutritious, but also the egg white is very nutritious. When making the egg custard for the child, the whole egg is beaten in.After making the custard, grandma will give Yu to eat, and Yu just began to eat the sweet and smooth and tender chicken custard, it is very happy, one after another, so the whole egg was he ate all of a sudden.Grandma was also very happy, thinking that the doctor said to give the child to eat egg yolk, how can the child eat, give the child to eat chicken custard.Did not expect to come back from work in the evening, small yu was red, and the child is very agitated, and even feel difficult to breathe.Xiaoyu’s mother was startled, hurriedly holding the child ran to the emergency room inside, the doctor learned that the child during the day to eat an egg of the chicken custard, he told his mother, your child is very likely to be egg allergy, the moment quickly to the child opened infusion injection, let parents do the child in hospital.Later, after a detailed examination, the doctor told his mother that the child was allergic to egg protein, because the egg protein was steamed when the egg custard was steamed. The child was so young that he was sensitive to egg protein.Once sensitive appears allergic word, or grow rash skin aglow, or be loose bowels, still have serious namely laryngeal oedema, the child is laryngeal oedema so now.Your child be allergy is more serious, had appeared laryngeal oedema, when you want to give the child to eat egg next time, want to pass at least half an year to eat again to the child, and eat to the child every time eat one or two, want to observe the child’s situation.Grandma heard the doctor said so, scared tears again and again, I do not know whether the child can eat eggs, I think the child so love to eat steamed for him.Indeed, when children add complementary food, a lot of food is the first time to eat, we must pay attention to when eating, otherwise the child once allergic consequences are very serious!Children add complementary food to keep in mind a few key words, to protect the health of children, parents don’t take it seriously.Some children are relatively sensitive to avoid allergenic food. For example, children are prone to rashes when drinking breast milk. Such children are relatively prone to allergies, so when adding eggs, beef, fish and other relatively allergenic foods to their children, they must be cautious.The suggestion is to wait for the child 10 months later to consider a small amount of addition, such as shrimp to the child to eat a small bite of try, fish also eat a small bite, eggs also eat 1/8, see the child’s situation, if not allergic to add.Some children are not only allergic to fish and shrimp, or even allergic to wheat and peanuts, so add any new food to children, must start from a small amount, the suggestion is to give children to eat 1 to 2 spoonfuls of it.Key words three: prevent children from food jam throat, such as children before the age of three, do not give children to eat peanuts, soybeans and other granulated food, do not give children to eat jelly.Do not make children laugh when they eat, do not let children run around to play, do not let children play games, watch TV, to concentrate on eating.Teach your child to chew and swallow food before eating to avoid choking.What do we eat when we add complementary foods to our children?What to eat?When do you start eating?What should I pay attention to when eating?They are very elaborate.Mother only do right, in order to let the child eat well and grow fast.How did Gu Ailing become a 15 year old genius girl? Tell you, the secret of children’s success is not intelligence, but this ability