Watching Zhen Huan flirt with the emperor, I can’t help feeling that Zhen huan is so good at it

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Compared with the ruthless and thoughtless fighting in the palace, zhen Huan shows most her exquisite talents in the palace at the beginning, such as her talent in falling in love. Watching the initial flirtation between Zhen huan and the emperor, I can’t help feeling how good Zhen Huan is!In the first encounter, Zhen Huan gives the emperor her elaborate sense of atmosphere.What is a sense of atmosphere?To use today’s saying is: “The heart is, the day the sun is right, you wear a white shirt.”The creation of the atmosphere mainly relies on beautiful images. In terms of light and shadow, Zhen huan chooses the season of spring with flowers blooming and bright sunshine.In terms of landmarks, it is the swing with girlish feeling and the imperial garden with unique scenery;In terms of sound: playing the flute song “Apricot Flower Sky Shadow” with a unique flute gives a special feeling;The combination of these images creates what Zhen Huan describes as a poetic, pure sound and light scene, “in the shadow of apricot blossoms, with flute blowing till dawn”.This kind of poetry and fresh and free from vulgarity is not only special, but also makes people feel bright in front of their eyes. It is easier to create a “sense of distance” that is desired but unreachable, and can stimulate people’s interest and expectation for in-depth understanding.This and “Book of Songs” in the “green, white dew for frost.The so-called “lover, on the other side of the water” is the same kind of artistic conception: you think your beloved is close to you, but when you run after her, you find her on the other side of the river.”Back from the whirl, the road is long and blocked.” You run up the river again and chase her. After chasing her for a while, you find that she has gone downstream again.Mr. Liushahe said in his book of Songs: “This is a distance between men and women, there is a distance will produce expectations, that is, men and women love, man and god love, but can not be.”The real purpose of Zhen Huan’s atmosphere is to create the distance between herself and the emperor and inspire the emperor’s expectations of her.In addition, zhen’s novel works directly impressed the emperor with freshness, uniqueness and attraction.Zhen Huan later recommends An Lingrong with the same idea: “…In this heat weather, fresh color is always more attractive than gorgeous, water lotus, natural to carve, always the most touching people.”The lotus flowers in the pond, the beautiful singing voice, and the refreshing people create an atmosphere of “lotus flowers come out of water, and the natural ornaments come out of nature”. Zhen Huan also wears colorful clothes that she rarely wears to set off the freshness of Anlingrong.On the other hand, An Lingrong thinks zhen’s clothes are nice, saying that zhen’s clothes are “gorgeous and luxurious like rosy clouds”.An Lingrong doesn’t have faith in Zhen’s sense of atmosphere. She worries that she won’t be able to do well in the palace, so Zhen gives her a clear advice: “It’s ok to introduce you to the emperor, but if you do this, the emperor won’t take you seriously, even if you are lucky, but you will leave him after three or five days.”The first part is zhen Huan reminds Anlingrong that only I can make you beautiful and popular. Don’t be ungrateful after the work is done.The first layer is to give Anling confidence, meaning that in your opinion, this operation is a waste of thought, but it is a good way to make the emperor pay attention to you, in love with you, otherwise the emperor will forget you as soon as the heat of three or five days passes.That is to say, the difference between An Lingrong and Zhen Huan is not only in reading and learning, but also in aesthetic ability and taste level.It has to be said that Zhen Huan has excellent aesthetics and taste, which is why the emperor always loves her.After all, most of the women in the palace get along with the emperor on the material level by eating, drinking, sleeping, and sleeping, while Zhen Huan gives the emperor spiritual interaction and resonance such as aesthetic and taste, so that the emperor can recite two lines of poetry in the empress’s palace with the words of Zhen Huan.After the first meeting, Zhen and the emperor meet again by the swing in the imperial garden. This time, Zhen shows the emperor her unique personality and unique charm.Among them, the most interesting is two people about “apricot flower” discussion.At first, the emperor put forward a question about the beauty of the first encounter: “Here are apricot flowers. The music you played last time is also related to apricot flowers. Do you like apricot flowers very much?”Friends, see, at the first meeting, Zhen huan’s sense of atmosphere was very successful. The emperor was not only impressed by it, but also curious to further explore and understand it.Logically, do you like apricot flowers very much?The answer is supposed to be yes or no, but Zhen doesn’t respond directly, saying, “Apricot flowers are not as gorgeous as peach blossoms, nor as cold and cool as cold plums. They are very warm and gentle.”Zhen takes the opportunity to express her opinions and show herself. More importantly, she doesn’t give the emperor an answer directly. She is reserved and mysterious, allowing the emperor to continue exploring.Unlike some people in life, a chat is eager to ramble all the words said.Upon hearing Zhen Huan talk about the benefits of apricot flowers, the emperor habitually concludes, “People are like flowers, and flowers are like people, and only those who are virtuous and gentle will like virtuous flowers.”You see, the emperor always praised others. He did not directly say that Zhen Huan was gentle and graceful, but used flowers to set her off, which was euphemistic and poetic.However, Zhen Turns a corner and says, “But I don’t like apricot flowers.”This is a typical reverse chat, ha ha, the emperor was more curious and said: “Tell me about it.”All say that the text seems to see mountains do not like flat, the original conversation chat is the same truth, tiled straight talk is always mediocre, also want twists and turns to give a person surprise!Zhen Huan says, “Apricot flowers are beautiful, but the fruit they produce is extremely sour, and almonds are even bitter. What’s the point of being a person and doing things with a beautiful beginning? It’s better to be like pine and cypress, green and fruitless all the year round.”Zhen Huan also uses flowers to impress people, and complimenting her with flowers from the previous emperor is a way of thinking, which is to express her ideas implicitly.Zhen huan has two purposes in speaking this sentence. The first purpose is to show the emperor her cognition and outlook on life, so that the emperor can know more about her inner life.The second purpose is to take this opportunity to express their expectations for their feelings to the emperor, which is similar to a knock, expecting their feelings to finish what they started and hope that the emperor does not disappoint her.The emperor’s response to Zhen huan’s words is, “I have never heard such opinions before, but they are fresh and unique.”Yes, compared with those who often flatter the emperor and try all kinds of ways to please him, Zhen Huan is the only one who asks for his feelings and expectations.The emperor valued the sense of equal dialogue and communication: if the emperor saw the beauty and exterior of Zhen Huan in the first encounter, he would know the inner and personality charm of Zhen Huan in the reunion.As the Emperor said afterwards, “I value you because of your nature. If you were as good as them, I would not value my engagement with you so much.”My friends, this is the best inspiration from Zhen Huan.Even Zhen Huan, with her pure face, buff and excellent appearance, needs to actively show her inner character and charm.And many people in the emotional and workplace, or often adhere to a “what kind of person I am, ✖️✖️ can not understand” mentality.No matter to your lover, your boss or boss, no one takes the initiative to explore and understand your obligations and consciousness. If you do not actively show and express yourself, no one will really understand and care about you.When I just graduated from college and started to work, I thought that those who liked to show their professional ability to the boss or the leader were very green tea. I thought that as long as I had the ability, the boss would see it naturally.But later I became a boss. In front of more than a dozen people, I really expected and liked the positive performance of employees in front of me. Because OF my limited energy, those who showed positive performance can help me understand them more quickly and directly, and then consider what kind of resources and work tasks to give them.(I’m not talking about brown-nosing here, I’m talking about people volunteering to take on challenging tasks or come up with their own ideas during meetings and work arrangements.)In fact, positive self-display and expression, is also a kind of initiative.I hope we can take the initiative in managing our own emotions and careers, rather than passively accepting and waiting.