Building a foundation for the development of trusted AI: ICT releases a white paper on privacy computing compliance with Tongdun Technology

2022-05-14 0 By

When massive data resources are upgraded to factors of production, how do enterprises strike a balance between personal information protection, data security and data application?Recently, the China institute of cloud computing and big data combined with mail tunnels court shield technology, the ant group, chongjin law firms and other institutions jointly issued a white paper on “computation privacy laws and compliance, system elaborated the privacy compliance value calculation, for the first time a detailed explains all kinds of how to protect data protection technology, realize the legal effect,And to enterprises in the protection of personal information security put forward guidance and suggestions.The white paper makes it clear that privacy-preserving computing is essential
It is a series of information technologies that analyze and calculate data on the premise that the data provider does not disclose the original data, so as to realize the “availability and invisibility” of data in the process of circulation and fusion.To put it simply, privacy computing can not only protect user privacy, but also achieve real and effective data computing effects.Starting from the compliance significance and common misunderstandings of privacy computing, the white paper defines and analyzes the legal relationship between the participants of privacy computing and each other, explains in detail the legal and compliance points that the participants of privacy computing should pay attention to, and gives corresponding security and compliance suggestions.At the same time, in order to further demonstrate the compliance improvement effect of privacy computing, the white paper disintegrates and analyzes the technical schemes and their privacy protection effects of four scenarios: advertising marketing, corporate financing risk control, personal credit risk control and face recognition.Among them, Tongdun Technology participated in the compilation of “The compliance significance of Privacy Computing”, “Participants and their Legal Relations”, “Legal and compliance points of privacy Computing” and other chapters in “White Paper on Privacy Computing Law and Compliance”.The white paper pointed out that there are also some misunderstandings in the practical application of privacy computing, as data security protection obligations and specific rules for data processing use still need to be further clarified.A correct understanding of technology is a necessary premise to give full play to its maximum use value, and is a necessary meaning to avoid data abuse and avoid compliance risks.In fact, the rapid development of private computing and other new data flow technology for the industry to break the situation provides a key idea, will become an important start to build and improve the data factor market.As one of the earliest technology companies exploring privacy computing in China, Tongdun Technology has formed a complete technology ecology and product architecture in the field of privacy computing for the next generation of trusted AI, proposed the knowledge federation technology framework system, and built an industrial-level secure multi-party application platform based on the knowledge federation.In order to better serve the developers, service providers and users of all links, it has further developed a public operating system for private computing, advocated and launched an industry-university-research alliance of knowledge federation, and promoted ecological collaboration.Based on the current situation and industry demand of privacy computing development, Tongdun technology will continue to work together with all sectors to promote mutual trust and interaction between industry and supervision, and further promote the development of privacy computing and even digital economy.