Where is chengde’s cheap print shop?Chengde where to develop photos?

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Chengde is an international tourism city in Hebei province, and its tourism and service industry are relatively developed.But for ordinary people, the service we use most often is printing.So where is the cheap print shop in Chengde?Chengde where to develop photos?Let’s see it today with Yi Huichuang.Where is chengde’s cheap print shop?The price of printing documents in Chengde is basically no unified standard, in the entrance of the community to print resume can charge you 1 yuan a piece, in the university to print information one yuan and can print a lot of pieces.If you are too lazy to counteroffer to deliberately find a print shop, it is recommended to log in the campus printing station small program.Because of the small program of the campus printing station of Yichai Chuang, it costs only 0.07 yuan to print a piece of A4 paper in black and white, which is difficult for offline stores to offer, and the price is also the same for printing only one piece.Chengde where to develop photos?In Chengde, if you want to develop photos in your mobile phone, the first thing you think of is going to a photo studio. Some friends also buy a photo printer to print by themselves.But there are more or less insecure privacy and expensive consumables.Now the Internet is very developed, like these problems can also find better solutions, such as yitech campus printing station small program.First of all, Yichuchuang provides a variety of photo specifications including 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 6 inches and 7 inches for you to choose. Through the self-developed framing cutting frame, you can manually select the area that the picture needs to retain according to the photo specifications, and match the choice of brand photo paper to restore the picture content.After uploading the photo and selecting the paper, the price will be calculated automatically. After submitting the order, the system will print and develop automatically. After making the photo, the server will delete the photo automatically to lock the privacy.Above is chengde cheap print shop where?Chengde where to develop the full content of the photo, I hope to help you.