“Mirror twin Cities” finale: Su Mo because of love health demons, the biggest villain kenji adult real identity revealed

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After watching the first half of The show, I was always wondering why sumo was wearing something black in the first few episodes. According to the tradition of fantasy period dramas, wearing something black is usually a double identity.Just like in Another of Li yifeng’s dramas, Tales of The Ancient Sword, the character Baili Tu Su is also like this, sometimes surrounded by purple in his later years.The mystery is solved when Maya White appears and Sumer returns from the Sky.Really did not think of, thought “mirror Twin Cities” story a little old, and we all feel that Chen Yuqi did not enter the role, and Li Yifeng fat is difficult to support the male image.But the more see the back more interested, very curious su Mo why the heart of the devil, in the fifth set disappeared trace of the green king where in the end, the biggest villain actually is not the teacher Peng, there is also the audience who is it?In episode 6, It was revealed that Maya White did not successfully jump into a tower to die in love, but instead inspired the forces behind the earth, so she was saved by the forces behind the earth.According to the plot, the force of the earth and the power of heaven is a pair, so say white Maya and true haze is a pair, Su Mo is a male two?This does not have reason, still have half kill that sheng to come out again who is after all, one’s life experience how, be chosen by heavenly ring actually Lord, is that sheng just the son of heavenly heaven?These puzzles make the audience feel that the story is getting better and better.White Maya White was born to inherit the power of the earth, was referred to marry the future prince, this for Su Mo, is no doubt very unconvinced, whether white or Su Mo, must finally want to change their fate.So, Su Mo into the magic is due to it, especially White also like their own, but white Maya, because of love career dilemma, the final choice to jump tower love.Su mo can accept, eventually fall into the magic way, the heart gave birth to another sea emperor, Su mo to white Maya’s feelings visible is not general.But since Su Mo is the savior chosen by God, female fairy has been talking about hope outside the sky and people can return to chair the overall situation, this means that the male master is Su Mo, and after the sheng appeared, also suggested that the true arashi of the chosen girl is almost the sheng.2, the biggest villain just adult identity, that was when he was caught in the white Ying, soma and green Wang Fasheng conflict, soma also use against the green king, king of blue this person a see is not what good bird, from the start against true haze and white Ying discovery ambushes, but also haven’t seen him how to get, at most is collaborating with powerful throne.However, we are all blinded by what we see, don’t look at green king is a power greedy small role, in su mo’s words is green King is not simple.In the previous plot, we always thought that the most powerful villains are Kenji Lord and Shipeng, but actually it’s not the case. Qingwang and Kenji Lord who are in kongsang are the most powerful characters.The green king can resist the blood deed unexpectedly, the blood deed has no effect on him, it can be seen that his strength is not general, and I found that he and the kenji adult are staggered, he is very likely to be the kenji adult himself.Of course, the problem comes, the kenji is always showing his chin and mouth, it doesn’t look like the green King from the outline of his chin.However, true arashi after the return mirror tower, and kenji adults positive relative, true arashi with intuition think kenji is their knowledge of people, there is a sense of familiarity, and let true arashi familiar with nothing more than a few people, this had to make people doubt green king is kenji adults.Kenji’s purpose from the very beginning was to annex Quan Xian and Kongsang. After The death of King Qingwang and other kongsang Kings, Yunhuang really became cangliu.As far as I can see, the kenji is the one we are familiar with. Up to now, the one who is most capable of being kenji is either Shipeng or Qingwang. Shipeng can be ruled out, and qingwang is most likely the kenji, with some exceptions of course.Sometimes the villain looks weak on the surface, but in fact he is not wearing a mask.Well, who do you think is the kensei?What is the ultimate purpose of the kenji Lord, I’ll leave it to the next episode to reveal!