Air filter maintenance error timely replacement is the key

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Air filter maintenance along with the increasing seriousness of environmental pollution, the necessity of inhalable content of suspended particles in the air is more and more high, if they suspended particles into the cylinder of engine, can cause a large number of colloidal substances and tiny can wear particles, the influence of automobile engine combustion fully, and then into the engine cylinder and piston,Cause the wear of piston related parts, resulting in the decline of engine performance.The role of the car air filter is to form a filter barrier between the air into the cylinder, the suspended particles will be completely blocked outside the cylinder, and ensure sufficient air intake, so as to ensure that the power of the car engine will not be lost.But many private car owners do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of air filters. When using automobile air filters, some misunderstandings inevitably occur. The following is the misunderstanding that the majority of car owners are prone to when using air filters summarized by manhu air filter experts.Air filter to maintain the common misconceptions about one, don’t pay attention to the quality though when buying air cleaner says now many owners when replace the air filter, can choose 4 s shops, but as for the deep understanding of the automobile structure, his replacement car filter is also very simple, but whether in the 4 s shops to replace or change,Will involve the purchase of a new air filter.But many current owner understanding the role of the air filter is not very correct, often choose cheap and poor quality of the air filter, the poor quality of the air filter air filter ability, especially for the tiny suspended particles and filtering ability is poor, and poor physical stability, and long-term use will inevitably lead to the car engine performance degradation,Fuel consumption has risen sharply.For example, manhu air filter from volume to appearance is obviously more clear than other air filters, double structure is very obvious, the filtering capacity is almost double that of other brands.Two, in the use of car air filter is often removed some private car owners think that the car air filter does not play much role, a new car in the use of a period of time, found that the air filter has been completely blocked, at this time simply remove the air filter, also do not replace.The result of doing this may not affect the performance of the car engine in the short term, but in the long term, it is very serious to the wear of the car engine.Data show that without an automobile air filter, the wear rate of the engine cylinder would be more than eight times, the piston wear rate would be more than three times, and the piston ring wear rate would be more than nine times.Three, automotive air filter and maintenance is very dull, inflexible and most private cars also know the importance of replacement car air filter, but when replacement car air filter, but due to the limitation of the vehicle maintenance operation instruction, according to the guidance provided by how much mileage, again to replace the car filters.But now the city pollution degree is different, the corresponding number of suspended particles are different, if in the heavier pollution level in the northern city, then the car can’t air filter replacement and maintenance according to simple instruction, the car status often had apparently unusual, so should shorten the maintenance period, improving the quality of auto filter.This is the right way to maintain.Zui auto filter, experts say, after 4 filter in the automotive filter is the basic one of the most core components, when buying car air filter, must choose good quality, at the same time, in use process must be according to the automobile use environment for targeted maintenance, so that can truly achieve strong car the ultimate goal of the heart.