A pregnant woman in Shandong province has given birth to quadruplets four days apart, doctors said

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A woman who gave birth to quadruplets in East China’s Shandong Province was given a rare sight during an operation on the day of birth – the babies were not born on the same day.At present, there are two children still in the mother’s belly, what is the problem?On March 31, poster News reported that the children, two boys, had been released from their mother’s womb and were being monitored in an incubator.Fang Fang (not her real name), 22, is from Jining, Shandong Province.In late 2021, Fang fang received good news that she and her husband had finally welcomed their first child after more than a year of marriage.Fang fang went to the hospital to check that there was not only one child in the womb, the initial examination showed that it was triplets.Fang only confirmed that she was pregnant with quadruplets two weeks later at a check-up, with another baby still hidden.After the family learned that they were quadruplets, they were confused about whether to keep them or reduce them. After thinking for some time, they had missed the best time to reduce them.Doctors say both the child and the adult are at risk if they try to reduce the number of births. In the worst cases, they may lose either child.The hospital said it would do its best to help Fang save the pregnancy.In February, fang fang’s stomach suddenly became abnormal, and her husband, Mr. Chu, rushed her to the hospital for treatment.The doctor said Fang’s condition was now so serious that he needed to be transferred to Shandong University Qilu Hospital. Mr Chu took his wife to Jinan without a break for treatment.Fang fang’s symptoms are four pregnancies, cervical dysfunction, accompanied by abortion.For the safety of Fang fang and the baby, the doctor did cervical cervix ligation to let the baby stay in the mother’s stomach as long as possible.On March 22, Fang Fang was 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant when she was sent to the delivery room for emergency surgery due to the opening of the cervix. Her first child was born very early, weighing just over 700 grams. She was sent to the neonatology department for treatment.Four days later, Fang’s second child, weighing 800 grams, was born, also a boy.In Fang’s case, Ma Yuyan, director of Shandong University Qilu Hospital, said, “In fact, all babies born within 28 weeks of gestation are miscarriages, but with the improvement of medical skills, babies born after 25 weeks of gestation are also likely to survive and need to stay in the neonatology department for about three months.”Health care workers are closely monitoring square cervix, which is open for the risk of infection.Delaying delivery is a rare procedure for quadruplet births, posing a huge challenge to both the pregnant woman and medical staff.According to the hospital, qilu hospital has performed delayed delivery surgery for pregnant twins before, but the quadruplets are the first of their kind and rare in the medical community.Fang and her two children are in stable condition, ma said, adding that she will continue to protect the fetus to ensure the safety of the pregnant woman and the baby.Source ocean view part of the material synthesis from: Jinan Times, poster news editor: Lin Yikai