There are no high quality schools in baisha Bay, chengyang. What do you think?

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With the continuous development of Chengyang and good natural environment, more and more people have settled down. The construction of schools in some regions and the children going to school have become one of the topics most concerned by many citizens.There is a message from the public: Baisha Bay south coast longhu Yan LAN coastal area, can the introduction of the group school-running cooperation and other high quality primary schools, junior high schools?Like high school Qingdao Experimental School, Qingdao Middle School, 58 middle school and other good schools?Now there are no good schools in the area and parents are very anxious!According to the education and Sports Bureau of Chengyang District, in recent years, Chengyang District has actively introduced high-quality educational resources to promote the development of education in the whole district to a higher level.At present, we are negotiating with the affiliated High School of Peking University, Beijing No. 8 High School, Capital Normal University and other famous universities about cooperation in running schools, and strive to introduce more high-quality schools to run schools in our district. The specific location and mode of running schools will be determined according to the cooperation and negotiation.In order to further improve the quality of education and teaching, the District Education and Sports Bureau will increase the support of teaching and research, organize collective lesson preparation by subject every week, and guarantee the quality of classroom teaching from the source.Guided the school to promote the teaching reform of “independent combination of learning before learning”, carried out class case discussion activities, and led teachers to optimize teaching methods and enhance classroom teaching effects;Guide teachers to improve the way of homework arrangement, promote students of different levels to improve together;Open area micro-lesson resource platform, to meet the individual learning needs of students, especially those with learning difficulties after class.As for whether to carry out the collectivization of school running, we should make overall planning and rational allocation according to the actual situation of different schools, and strive to achieve maximum benefit and maximum development.Thanks for reading, welcome to leave a comment, follow!Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to convey more information.Part of the text and pictures from the network, if there is a mistake or infringement contact correction, delete, thank you!