Is the Flagman Curse real?Gao Tingyu, Champion: This is for breaking

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The title of “Olympic flag bearer” is sometimes a “double-edged sword”. For athletes, it is a great honor, but it always receives more attention than other athletes, and sometimes it can hinder them from showing their real strength.It has been dubbed the “flagman curse” by sports fans.”It’s made to be broken,” gao Tingyu, the new 500m speed skating champion at the Beijing Winter Olympics, said of the flag-bearer curse.In the past 22 Winter and summer Olympic Games, no one in China has broken the flag-bearer curse.Gao Tingyu also joked, “I was scared to death when I was the flag-bearer. If you don’t spell it, you will be finished.”At the post-match press conference, a reporter mentioned that gao Tingyu said he hoped to change the medal color in Beijing when he won the bronze medal in the last Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.Gao tingyu responded: “We Chinese just do what we say!”▷ Goh Jung-woo celebrates after winning the gold medal by running around the stadium with the National flag in his hand.For example, Roger Federer, who twice held the flag for Switzerland at the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics, was upset in the singles events at the two Olympic Games in his prime, and could not even get past the threshold of the third round.When Federer handed wawrinka the flag in 2012, he reached the final and won the silver medal.However, the “magic spell” is not to be underestimated, but from the results, there are many flag-bearers in the Olympic Games have broken the so-called magic spell.At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, for example, 21 flag-bearers won gold, five silver and 15 bronze.Among them, Australian flag bearer Campbell won two gold MEDALS and one silver medal in women’s 4×100 meter medley relay, women’s freestyle relay and women’s 100 meter freestyle, becoming the “gold king” of flag-bearer.Generally speaking, most of the flag-bearers of a delegation are outstanding athletes in their own country or region. The former Olympic medalists and the results of individual events are important references for many countries to choose flag-bearers.Of course, some countries have their own ideas, such as China’s preference for taller men in previous Olympics, which has been jokingly described as warding off the ‘flag-bearer curse’ for other gold MEDALS.After China failed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics last year, the flag-bearers were dropped from other events, with Zhao shuai and Zhu Ting selected as the finalists.As a result, Zhao also won a bronze medal last year, while Zhu ting’s Team failed to defend the title.Wu Dajing, the defending short-track speed skating champion, and Gu Ailing, the freestyle skiing prodigy, were among the favorites to carry the Chinese flag before the Games began, but both failed to win the title.Gao tingyu was one of China’s gold MEDALS in speed skating, while Zhao Dan made his Olympic debut on the skeleton bobsled.Gao tingyu, it seems, has not been affected.It is worth mentioning that China’s flag bearer Dayang Yang also won a medal at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.Source: reporter: Liu Hui Video: Yu Lin Editor: small expert review: Qian Chengcan