Colors!Beijing girl, father, uncle together, hand in hand to serve the Winter Olympics, media attention

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At present, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is under way, the events are also in an orderly way, in the place where the audience can not see, there are thousands of volunteers in the struggle for it.In Yanqing Winter Olympics village, there are such a pair of “father and daughter”, they work together, participate in the winter Olympics volunteer work, the two stick to their posts, determined to contribute to the smooth operation of the Winter Olympics.They are Lu Yantong and her father from Beijing International Studies University.Lu yantong, a 2020 student of the Party Foreign Affairs College of Beijing No.2 Foreign Studies University, is working as an assistant in the field of external liaison, while her father is in charge of security.Beijing Daily client carried on the focus report to this matter.In 2020, is recruiting volunteers learned that the Beijing Olympics, Lu Yantong program without hesitation, through layers of screening and examination, she became a volunteer for the games, as Saudi Arabia delegation assistant, responsible for foreign athletes and staff to provide services such as language, guide, assist delegation to solve competition and training as well as the difficulties in daily life.After the Saudi delegation arrived, Lu yantong and his colleagues received the delegation and assisted them in the layout of the site.The task of hanging three big flags and two small flags was not easy, but with the help of the head of the delegation and the athletes, Lu yantong and his colleagues successfully completed the work, and the head of the delegation praised them with “Very Nice”.”I think all the hard work and hard work is worth it!”Lu yantong said.In addition to serving the Winter Olympics herself, Lu yantong feels even more fortunate that her father is also serving in the Village.Lu yantong’s father, a policeman, worked as a security guard for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and will continue to do so this time.”I was pleasantly surprised and happy to be able to work and celebrate Chinese New Year with my relatives.”However, Lu yantong rarely saw his father during his time on the job.Lu yantong and his father were busy with their work as the delegations arrived in the winter Olympics village. Even if they ran into each other, they could only say hello and say hello.Although the father and daughter do not often see each other, but the father’s instructions always accompany Lu yantong.His father would send her messages whenever he had a break: be protective, drink lots of water, wear lots of clothes…”The thought of having my father’s support and protection makes me motivated!” said Lu.On February 1, Lu Yantong and her father made a New Year’s call to all the volunteers of the Winter Olympic Games.In the video, Lu said: “I will definitely serve the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games well with the full support of the country, the university and my family.”In addition to the father and daughter, Lu yantong’s uncle also participated in the Service of the Winter Olympics, becoming a bus driver in charge of transportation during the Winter Olympics. Like Lu yantong’s father and daughter, lu yantong contributed to the Beijing Winter Olympics in different positions.Under the circumstances of the epidemic, volunteers of the Winter Olympics have a high intensity of service, a long closed-loop cycle and high risk of epidemic prevention and control. However, Lu yantong said, “Thanks to my father, uncle and I, we have worked together for the Winter Olympics and encouraged each other, and we have become comrades in arms in the service line.”From 2008 to 2022, they passed on the baton of Olympic service from father to father and daughter.Different games, different positions, but have the same responsibility, in the future, this excellent student from Beijing No.2 Foreign Studies University will continue to fight side by side with his father, together to the future!Follow the headlines of “Beijing International Studies University” for more exciting information!Source: Beijing International Studies University official Account, Beijing Daily, YVL Volunteer Official account,