Bishan: Protect the mother river to reproduce the river green

2022-05-12 0 By

Volunteers distribute publicity materials on “Protecting the Bi South River” to citizens.Chongqing, March 16 (People’s Daily Online), Bishan District Water Conservancy Bureau, Bishan District ecological river chief office jointly carried out the “‘ River ‘together, protect the Mother River” theme publicity activities, volunteers face to face with the public to explain river protection knowledge, with “volunteer red” to protect the “river beauty”.”It is very important to save water and protect water.”It is against the law to steal a platoon and the police will be punished if they catch it.”In the bionan River embankment, along the bridge, square and other places, volunteers with self-composed rap to passers-by to publicize water resources protection, water ecological cycle, water pollution classification, water saving tips and river protection related policies.In addition, the site volunteers also issued “protect the bi South River” publicity materials, put publicity boards, and patiently answer the questions of the masses, advocate the masses to protect the river propagandist, combat member, supervisor, education of the masses to develop environmental protection, green production and life style, work together to add a beautiful mother river.”Now the bi South river completely changed, the water is clear, the environment is beautiful, such a beautiful we must guard, always remind themselves and the surrounding people water conservation protection.”Chen Qian said.It is understood that the Bi Nan River as the mother river of Bishan District, a total length of 95 kilometers, involving 7 towns and streets of Bishan District, basin area of 442 square kilometers, is the left bank of the Yangtze River tributaries, is the largest secondary river in Bishan district, known as the “mother river” by bishan people.Area in recent years, bishan unswervingly take the road of “ecological priority and green development”, insist on “dredging river sewage, Hanoi, outland diversion, ecological restoration,” the technical route, innovation to establish the “tree” long river system, responsibility system and work hard to build the ecological wetland, rain sewage diversion reconstruction of pipe network, a new and DiBiao sewage treatment plant (station), and a series of systematic management,Let the “basin of water” shore green scenery, let the “basin of water” glider shallow bottom.In 2021, the annual mean value of binan River is stable in class ⅲ water quality, and the water environment continues to develop upward.The relevant person in charge of bishan District Water Conservancy Bureau said that the next step will be to further improve the long-term river management and protection mechanism, comprehensively strengthen the daily river management and protection work, achieve all-weather, itinerary-type, normal management, and strive to create a smooth river, beautiful scenery and green ecological rivers and lakes.(Liu Zhengning, Xu Shipeng)