He is a devout descendant of Qionghai lake

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Qionghai lake edge/old house, one so large banyan tree she gave day, well-developed gave gulls demon qiao she made clear to you, give me so haze I if, through the haze tried calling hagdon will move her sunny let printed in the mirror of haizi and they will build a nest of big rich and colorful, you may lake side moved compassion for me,He identifies the banyan a large shadow, once from the sun by the vertical wind should set is quietly open to draw his Yin and segmental black swan cafe cafe “black swans” – you will say, how to read the name of youth admiring him, no, should be encouraged by them, because they are as young as “little red book”,Because in an ancient mountain lake “little Red book” is young open the glass door of an online celebrity shop bright “I am not at home, just in the cafe.If it’s not a cafe, it’s on the way to a cafe.”It is said that the copyright of this sentence belongs to the French writer Balzac and according to the words widely spread on the Chinese Internet, this is a vacation without worrying about. Afternoon, sunny and rainy, like the historian in old paper, has to hand over the undisturbed doubts of sanxingdui to the archaeologist who is like a thorough farmer.He sat outside the fisherman’s grass, the waves of gratitude to them as young as the sound of trembling, grateful to the dense smell of coffee.Her hands were cold. The lake was cold because of the hot wind. Walking on the shore at night, he took out her right hand and put it in his left pocket.The flower, the grass, the leaf, the bird that hides the evening, all wait in silence. Waiting is the deep nature of the sea. He is a more pious son.Due to her exclamation of surprise, she stretched out her right palm, as if holding up the sea.She turned away her face to chuckle at the double rainbow that rose from the lake, and bent down to bless whom the wind and the sea so many birds flew from whence.Roaring where to go and so wide of the winds and the sea is just t he said: “the sea is the wind tired home to return to the wind is persistent,” the purpose of, she said: “flying gift is their human spirit” can’t wait to calm them hand in hand to see the old house nowadays yuanyang sway with the wind and the sea, specimen Liu Hongli, sichuan liangshan, in chengdu.Member of China Writers Association, member of the ninth Committee of Sichuan Writers Association.