Tsai Ing-wen’s ambition exposed: “Reciprocal counter-action against the mainland!”

2022-05-10 0 By

As is known to all, the Taiwan question has always been a matter of great concern to people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.However, with the constant encouragement and support of the “anti-China” forces outside the country, the Tsai Ing-wen administration has become more confident in provoking the mainland. Even though the Taiwan military is far weaker than the PLA, the Taiwan authorities still rely on the “support” of the United States to continuously provoke the mainland.In fact, in the eyes of the US government, Taiwan is just a pawn to contain China.On the one hand, the United States is able to use the “Taiwan independence forces” of the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party to block China’s reunification process and suppress China’s development.On the other hand, the United States can obtain huge economic benefits through arms sales to Taiwan and make the Taiwan authorities its own arms buyers.It has been reported that the us-supported “2+2 Plan” has been deployed. In order to continue its cooperation with the US, the Taiwan authorities intend to acquire the mass production capacity of the “Xiongsan” missile through a new law, and contain the actions of the PLA forces by means of “xiongsan” deterrence.Since the launch of the “Xiongsan” missile, The Taiwan authorities regard it as an “absolute magic weapon” to contain the mainland, according to Taiwan, the xiongsan missile has a maximum range of 400 kilometers, including zhejiang, Guangdong and other areas in the “Xiongsan” missile’s strike range.It is worth mentioning that the “Xiongsan” missile caused casualties of Taiwan fishing boats due to misfiring, which caused hot public opinion in the island. What is more ironic is that the missile did not explode after hitting the fishing boats, and the Taiwan authorities even said that it could be recovered and reused, which is impossible to do with other missiles.Taiwan authorities want to deter the mainland not only militarily, but economically as well.Earlier, Taiwan fruit was found to exceed the hazardous substances are not approved to enter the mainland sales issue, become one of the democratic Progressive Party authorities to attack the mainland means.In retaliation, Taiwan directly banned sakyas from the Mainland from entering Taiwan. However, such “economic sanctions” did not work for the Mainland at all, but caused a lot of losses to many Tainan farmers.Due to the geographical location of Taiwan, people on the island cannot be ignored for the trade with the mainland, and the mainland always puts the interests of these Tainan farmers in mind, and constantly launches pro-Taiwan policies to help them ignite their hopes.However, under the obstruction of the Taiwan authorities, the cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges are basically in a disadvantageous situation, and the DPP authorities must bear the primary responsibility for Taiwan’s economic decline.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu, the paper news