The study of Alai opens today. The first event is the release of Oracle Script Notes of Southwest Associated University.

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Sichuan News Network – First screen News Chengdu, January 22 (reporter He Jiaxin intern Li Qizhen photo report) Today, the “book conference of Ya Qi in The study of Alai and Oracle Bone Script Notes of Southwest Associated University” was held in the study of Alai.Loy study culture industry center west of chengdu, at the fifth floor, it is not only an independent bookstore, is an open cultural space, it platform to create high-end cultural activities as the core, to gather the development and resources for the development of power, with 5 g new technology media service to extend engine, combined with books, wen gen, coffee, and performance issues, IP service, etc.Loy study unveiling loy speech activity, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association Li Jingze, MAO dun prize winner wang fire, mai jia, science fiction writer liu, qiu lu xun literature prize winner mountains, people’s literature publishing house, President ZangYongQing publisher xi-an fan, humanities professors of Beijing university professor, the oracle expert zong-kun li masters, such as culture,Through the video, he expressed his blessing for the opening of a Lai’s study and paid tribute to writer Ma Shitu for launching his new book at the age of 108.Li Jingze said that alai Study is not only a study, but also a space for communication and creation, as well as a living room and teahouse of Chengdu and Sichuan culture. He is looking forward to meeting his friends in alai study one day.As the owner of A Lai’s study, Vice chairman of China Writers Association and chairman of Sichuan Writers Association, A Lai said at the opening ceremony, “I am very excited to open the study in the commercial and cultural center of Chengdu, to have a relationship with the public consumers, create a new cultural consumption scene, and create a space for the exchange and exploration of the city’s cultural spirit.”Book launch (opening book book die) horse general way video speech comes at a time when the horse general way new book “the horse general way of southwest oracle notes”, “grasp the Chinese civilization heritage oracle context — the horse general way of southwest oracle note book launch” as loy jas qi first blockbuster study activities formally meet with you.Published by Sichuan People’s Publishing House, Notes on Oracle Bones at Southwest Associated University is a memoir of 108-year-old Ma Shitu, who studied oracle bones at Southwest Associated University. It is a perfect combination of the lectures of masters and the thoughts of literary elders who are 100 years old.The book presents a vivid picture of the classroom teaching of Southwest Associated University, reproduces the group style of a generation of academic masters, shows the unique charm of Oracle bone script, and is a masterpiece of deciphering the code of Chinese civilization and ceasing the cultural thread.”Ma Jiutu is an evergreen tree in the literary world. Such a person is rare not only in China, but also in the world,” Wang said via video. “He never leaves his brain alone.”I couldn’t tell you how happy I was when I read this book,” Said Ma, whose grandson Liu Xiaoyuan read a speech on ma’s behalf.I also would like to thank the land loy, loy a study in the new book launch, to take this opportunity, I to loy new congratulations was elected vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, at the same time also to congratulate loy study this unique urban humanities sitting room even better, become the important historical and cultural city’s cultural card in chengdu.”