Removal transfer!Daqing Red Gang “hand tearing documents” director was dealt with

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CCTV net news (reporter Li Wenxue) : because the barber shop did not cooperate with nucleic acid testing, the director of the health supervision and law enforcement bureau tore up the shop’s health license.On March 25, the local government of Honggang District in the city of Daqing, Heilongjiang province, announced that the chief had been removed from his post and removed from the law enforcement team for improper and rough working methods.On March 23, the owner of a barbershop in Honggang District, Daqing City, said that he had not taken nucleic acid tests on March 22 and decided to take them on March 23 after communicating with the staff of the Health Supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau.But when the head of the health supervision and Law enforcement Bureau led a team to inspect the store at 9 a.m. on the same day, he tore up the store’s health license and said he would force the store to close for a month and impose a fine.After the video was circulated online, the Honggang District Party Committee and the district government immediately set up an investigation team composed of the district Discipline inspection Commission and the district Health bureau to investigate, and ordered the person involved, Wang Mou, to stop working and cooperate with the investigation.On March 25, the Government of Honggang District of Daqing city issued a notice on the investigation and handling of improper law enforcement by cadres of Honggang District Health and Family Planning Comprehensive Supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau.After investigation, on the morning of March 23, Wang Mou, director of the Honggang District Health and Family Planning Comprehensive Supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau, led the staff to carry out law enforcement inspection on the epidemic prevention and control of the central village in the district and the implementation of nucleic acid testing for key groups.At about 9:20, in a barbershop inspection process in central village, because the shop since February 3 times failed to implement the key population nucleic acid testing policy, and the day of the relevant law enforcement inspection is still not enough to cooperate, Wang mou emotional more excited, tore up the shop health license misconduct.The incident occurred that night, Wang mou himself deeply aware of their own mistakes, law enforcement misconduct has been when the barber shop operator Gao xx apology, and obtained gao XX understanding.Gao also said that the future will actively cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control policies.In view of Wang mou in the process of law enforcement, improper working methods, simple and crude, causing serious adverse effects in the society, according to the relevant provisions, give Wang Mou removal, government demerit, transferred from the law enforcement team.Source: