Jinan snow and ice sports training is exploding under the winter Olympics

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Under the “support” of the Beijing Winter Olympics, snow and ice sports training in Jinan has seen an explosive growth.Several snow and ice sports training institutions interviewed by the reporter admitted that the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has greatly improved the popularity of snow and ice sports, the number of skating and skiing personnel and related snow and ice sports training demand has greatly increased, previously seen in Jinan snow and ice sports training for children is also very popular with parents.According to the research Report on The Development of China’s Snow and ice Industry (2021), China’s leisure tourism revenue from snow and ice will exceed 390 billion yuan in the 2020-2021 snow and ice season.It is expected that by 2025, the number of snow and ice tourists in China will exceed 500 million and the revenue of snow and ice tourism will exceed 1.1 trillion yuan.Market participants believe that most snow and ice related industries will be greatly developed due to the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, such as snow and ice tourism, skiing equipment, skiing training, skiing events, skiing snow making equipment, etc. Among them, the most direct benefit project is snow and ice sports training, especially children’s training.BLUE SKIING is the earliest ski training team in Shandong province and has been dedicated to the formation and training of ski teaching teams for 17 years. A staff member told us that with the SKIING fever brought by the Beijing Winter Olympics, their ski training courses are very popular. Many parents bring their children to participate in the experience classes, and most of them are children.Their ski training camp at Jinxiang Mountain ski resort is open every day.Compared with skiing, roller skating has been carried out more widely and for a longer time in Jinan. Under the influence of the Winter Olympics, many clubs and training institutions that originally only offered roller skating have now turned to skating training.Ms Zhou told reporters that the success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, many children have a strong interest in skating, the club took advantage of the situation, launched skating training, the industry commonly known as “rotating ice”.For training institutions, there are many common roller skating and ice skating, “rotation” both from the field and there is little pressure for coach, as a sport, roller skating, ice skating, children may be enrolled in programmes will at the beginning, after a period of time after the training, child if willing to continue to slide down, at the same time, the coach also felt that the child has development potential,It will develop into a campaign.According to Ms. Zhou, the current jinan market for children’s roller skating, skating training, mostly from the beginning of the children began to recruit students, some children like it very much, may have been trained to junior high school or even high school.As a regular training class, usually 48 sessions end, some children may attend more than one session in a row.The cadets they produce with the best results have been selected for the national team.The successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games provides an excellent opportunity for the training of snow and ice sports in Shandong province, including Jinan, especially for children.Gao Yan, director of winter sports office of Shandong Sports Bureau and president of Shandong Snow and ice Sports Association, said in an interview that the opening of the Winter Olympics, especially the goal of bringing 300 million people to the ice and snow sports, has provided a broad market and stage for the development of ice and snow sports.With the holding of the Winter Olympic Games, the number of people who pay attention to, care about and participate in snow and ice sports in Shandong has been greatly improved, and the facilities of snow and ice sports venues in Shandong have also been greatly improved. The establishment of snow and ice sports associations and social organizations in various parts of the province has also had a strong pulling effect on the sports industry.In front of such a big market opportunity, there are a lot of trainings related to ice and snow sports. Although ice and snow sports are still in the initial stage in the province, the trainings of figure skating, ice hockey, short track speed skating and other sports are relatively popular in the province, and the training of these sports for teenagers has taken shape.A number of snow resorts have been set up in the southern mountainous areas, providing people with places to ski and training in snow and ice sports.On the other hand, short track speed skating has been listed as an event in the provincial National Games, which will greatly promote the development of this event and will correspondingly promote more training opportunities.Gao Yan said frankly that Shandong was not a big province of ice and snow sports before. In the past, similar sports only had roller skating without entering the ice rink. Now, through the form of “roller skating”, with the popularization of roller skating and skiing training, more teenagers have participated in ice and snow sports.Gao yan also reminded participants that ice and snow sports are high-risk sports, and they should pay attention to safety while participating.Especially for snow sports, the venue is outdoors, cold and steep. Parents and teenagers must pay attention to safety when participating in sports or training.