The hotpot clerk told me to eat less of the 9 ingredients. Many people don’t know, is there anything you like to eat?

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The hotpot clerk told me to eat less of the 9 ingredients. Many people don’t know, is there anything you like to eat?Hot pot is a kind of delicious food that everyone loves, which is most suitable for cold winter. After eating hot pot, you can disperse all the cold and get warm all over your body.Hotpot has so many ingredients to eat, from meat and vegetables to dried goods, that it is both nutritious and delicious.However, some of these ingredients can be “dirty”, especially when eating hot pot outside, so be careful when ordering.Here I will tell you, this is in the hot pot restaurant work friend told me, there are 9 ingredients as far as possible not to point, many people do not know.Hot pot restaurant meat rolls including beef rolls, lamb rolls, black chicken rolls, my friend said that these meat rolls are artificial, and not made of beef, lamb, black chicken meat, but with cheap chicken, duck meat, plus pigment, essence synthesis.Why do some meatrolls fall apart when cooked? Because they’re synthetic, there’s no stickiness between the meat.2. Fatty intestine is a pig’s large intestine, which has a strong fishy smell and is very difficult to wash. Restaurants outside are washed with chemical agents, which can make fatty intestine white and shiny, and no fishy smell.These chemical agent residues are more, and are harmful to human body, eating is very harmful to the body.Animal viscera shabu-shabu-eaten animal viscera, the most common is chicken and duck, such as chicken gizzard (chicken stomach), chicken heart, duck gizzard, duck heart, duck intestine, etc.These offal are frozen ingredients, not slaughtered on the same day, after a long time frozen, nutritional value is also reduced.At the same time, visceral purine is very high, cholesterol is very high, is adverse to the body, so eat less.4, duck blood you order duck blood, may not be real duck blood, but made of pig’s blood, cow’s blood, because cheap ah, the profit is big.The texture of duck blood is tender but the cost is high, with cheap pig blood, cow blood and other additives, can also achieve the effect of fake.5, frozen hot pot balls frozen hot pot balls, it is estimated that everyone has eaten it, I buy each time is the kind of independent packaging, a there are five or six, the price of 18 yuan a catty.The frozen meatballs used in hot pot restaurants are only a few yuan per catty. The meat content is small, and I don’t know how long they have been frozen, so they may have expired and have no nutrition at all.Jellyfish jellyfish taste smooth and crisp, can be cold, of course, can also be shabu hot pot, a lot of people eat hot pot will be one of the dishes.But you may not know, jellyfish is also called jellyfish skin, that is, the price of jellyfish skin is more expensive, dozens of yuan a catty, and most of the hot pot restaurants are using a few dollars of artificial jellyfish, the main raw material is brown algae glue, sodium alginate, and no real jellyfish skin nutrition.7, vermicelli with vermicelli shabu hot pot, is also very delicious, smooth Q bomb, but a lot of hot pot restaurant vermicelli are fake, is made of edible glue, very resistant to cooking, cooking for one and twenty minutes will not break.Real vermicelli, on the other hand, will become soft after five minutes and will not be as durable.8, cattle louver cattle louver is actually the stomach, normal cattle louver is yellow or black, but some businesses in order to beautify cattle louver, increase appearance, will use hydrogen peroxide to soak cattle louver;Or use formaldehyde to keep fresh cow louvers, but also use industrial alkali to make cow louvers swollen and heavy, these chemicals are harmful to human health, so abnormal color of cow louvers can not be eaten.9, bean sprouts in order to make bean sprouts grow thick and strong, and the growth cycle is short, many stores will use chemical fertilizer, herbicide and so on to prompt bean sprouts, such bean sprouts are not root.Be careful when ordering. If the sprouts don’t have roots, return them to your boss.And the bean sprouts that the fertilizer accelerates will produce a lot of nitrite, which is also harmful.Think my article is good, please give me a like, comment, forward, favorites, follow, see you next time.