Thick tangyuan fragrance, Yuanxiao warm “Bee” in Nanxin Community

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 15th, Nanxin Community, Nanwan Street, recruited volunteers from the district to carry out the community warm-up action of “Thick tangyuan fragrance, deep Yuanxiao feeling”.Before the event, the staff prepared glutinous rice flour and various ingredients in advance.At the scene of the activity, the volunteers cooperated with each other and showed their own skills. The volunteers who could not make dumplings first observed and learned from the side, and then started to operate them. In the laughter and happy atmosphere, a colorful small dumplings were presented to everyone.After the event, the volunteers sent the dumplings to some Courier shops and meituan storage points in the community, so that the Courier boys could eat delicious dumplings and feel full of love on the occasion of the Lantern Festival.This activity carried forward the excellent Chinese culture, but also reflects the volunteer spirit of selfless dedication of volunteers, at the same time, let the Courier boys feel the warmth of the community, effectively improve the “Courier boys” sense of happiness and gain.Review: Yu Fanghua, Sun Zhengdong