The UK bought Chinese products for 130 million yuan and then sold them to India twice as much. Now they regret asking for help

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When The Qing Dynasty in China, western science began to develop, western society began to transform into an industrial society, the British.Countries like France became world powers, while the Qing dynasty was pulling away from the rest of the world by turning inward and reveling in its historical achievements.Later, Britain and France and other countries used gunboats to knock down China’s door, dumping a large amount of opium to China, a large amount of white silver flow in China, Britain and France and other countries established many colonies in the world, China also became a semi-colonial country.At that time, people of insight in China launched a revolution and overthrew the decadent Qing Dynasty. However, China did not immediately become rich and strong. Various warlords fought for territory and the people had no food to eat.At that time, the Communist Party of China began to grow and grow. It went through the Long March, the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation, and established the People’s Republic of China.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, although there was a lot of work to be done, China still concentrated on the development of atomic bombs and other nuclear weapons, but also won the war against the United States to aid Korea, so that the new regime firmly established.At this point, Britain, once an empire on which the sun never set, began to decline.Since the beginning of reform and opening up, China has introduced a large number of foreign investment, strengthened exchanges with other countries, made rapid progress in science and technology, and achieved higher and higher level of manufacturing industry. Now China has become a global manufacturing center.Many countries import machinery from China.With its advanced manufacturing equipment, China has completed many infrastructure projects at home and in Africa and other countries.Observers say that during the Qing Dynasty, China completed the construction of the Beiyang Fleet by buying warships from Britain and sending military personnel to learn navigation skills.I didn’t expect the UK to buy equipment from China to complete the carrier construction.When building the new aircraft carrier, the British plan to speed up the construction, which requires the method of building in sections, but to build in sections, must use gantry crane lifting.The gantry cranes that Britain needed, only China could produce, so China exported 1000 tons of gantry cranes to Britain, which cost The UK 130 million yuan.Have to say, the British eye really, after the complete construction, Britain had to sell the price of the gantry crane doubled to India, forgot a very important question, is the carrier is powerful, but must carry out maintenance, otherwise it is a pile of scrap metal, also cannot leave the gantry crane maintenance.Now it’s time for the QUEEN Elizabeth aircraft carrier to begin an overhaul, and when it comes time for repairs, the British suddenly find that the work is slow.Of course The UK wants to buy gantry cranes from China because of the lack of gantry cranes, but in recent years the UK has followed the US in interfering in China’s internal affairs and provoking China in the South China Sea, so China can’t help.If China sells gantry cranes to the UK again, then the QUEEN Elizabeth aircraft carrier will make provocations in the South China Sea once it is repaired.Partial reference information source: “Sea, Land, Air and Space inertial World” magazine