Spring, this meat again expensive do not miss, try to eat like this, nutrition is extremely high, do not eat a pity

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Into the spring, everywhere have warmed, pieces of vibrant, this several days, the sun has a happy mood to work, came home to an abundance of food comfort, have all kinds of delicious food on table, hun vegetable collocation, definitely not meat, such as pork, beef and mutton, pork was very popular, but every day to eat greasy, always followed by beef is more popular,Each part is eaten in a different way. Beef tenderloin is especially suitable for stir-frying, and parsley is the perfect match. The beef is tender and delicious, and the fragrance is unique.Many people have eaten sauteed beef, but do not know how to handle beef, might as well take a look at the parsley sauteed beef details.Spring, this meat again expensive also don’t miss, try to eat like this, nutrition is extremely high, do not understand to eat a pity.Prepare some ingredients:The choose and buy a couple of capsicum frutescens (or choose red or green peppers, millet pepper is mainly used to adorn dishes and flavor), the choose and buy celery 200 grams, celery root thickness, leaf green, smells good, without drooping leaves, must buy fresh celery), preparing to tender beef 300 grams (pork is five times the price of beef, although the price high some,But the nutritional value is higher, fried beef to use tenderloin, the meat is red, the meat should be elastic, it is recommended to get up early to buy beef, afternoon to buy fresh beef), cooking wine a spoon, a spoon of starch, a little salt, vegetable oil some, garlic and ginger a little, light soy sauce a little, some black pepper, other seasonings.Specific cooking steps: Step 1: buy good tender beef and other side dishes, tender beef to remove excess fat, tender beef with running water clean.Step 2: Change the tender beef into beef slices, beat with a rolling pin for a while, cut the beef into long filaments, put the beef filaments into a container, and prepare to season the beef filaments.Step 3: Add a spoonful of cooking wine, add a spoonful of starch, light soy sauce a little, a drop of salt, sprinkle some pepper, quickly let the tender beef scratch, finally add some cooking oil, need to marinate for 15min.Step 4: In addition, heat the pot for a while, add ginger and garlic stir-fry a few times, throw in the tender beef stir-fry, quickly let the beef fried, color slowly change color, put in a container, set aside.The fifth step: celery root and yellow leaves, celery repeatedly washed clean, cut into a number of celery section, millet pepper wash oblique cut into section, the bottom of the pot with more cooking oil, celery section of the pot quickly stir-fry, waiting for celery stir-fry to break.Step 6: Add the tender beef stir-fried in advance with millet and pepper. Pour a spoonful of light soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce, salt and sugar, and chicken essence and pepper into the side of the pot. Stir-fry for one minute on medium and low heat.Sauteed beef with parsley is a common way to eat beef. To ensure the tenderness of beef, it is necessary to remove the fatty material of beef. The beef should be washed, sliced and beaten with a rolling pin to make the meat more tender and elastic.Cut the beef into thin strips and marinate it. Add wine, starch and light soy sauce respectively. Add salt to make the tender beef taste and drop some cooking oil to effectively lock the nutrition of the beef.This dish needs to stir-fry tender beef first, then stir-fry celery section, and stir-fry beef slices cooked in advance, stir-fry until the flavor, seasoning out of the pot.Have you learned how to make this everyday beef?(All images from the web)