Xiao Zhan eating Chongqing noodles, introduced the hometown of small noodles, as if to follow Xiao Zhan eating a bowl of Chongqing small noodles

2022-05-07 0 By

Hello everyone, I am your small make up, then I want to say is see shaw war eat chongqing, this paper introduces the hometown of small face, seems to follow xiao ate a bowl of chongqing small face, the shaking issue to audio and video, the thumb up 1.8 million comment 320000 plus 90000 collection and forwarding to share m almost more than he the day before yesterday in the middle of the update of the video,I don’t want to say too much about the special situation of this video but we all know that, right?This video is the normal flow of Xiao Zhan’s video, currently ranked 14th in the hot list, and it is also the 24th video that Xiao Zhan updates publicly.People find shaw war 24 shaking, audio and video, in addition to the four play like a dream dreams, TV card forces interactive video, TV dou luo continent, there are 18 in the other 20 are happy in selflessly to play there, and small studio interactive games, have to recommend the reduced pressure tool, also have their own stand there blind play,But the most fun he played is douyin prop video, the feeling of playing are old forget myself, one after another.It is really rare that he can bring happiness to others at the same time as he is happy. He makes watercolors and drinks with good shape.In addition to the video of publicity and playing, there are two relatively smooth videos, one is to welcome 2022, and the other is the video of introducing his hometown to the warm Chinese New Year, which was updated 12 hours ago. Some netizens also commented on peace, joy and Happy New Year. Some netizens also saw the handsome hair of Xiao Zhan.Comment way this hairstyle is inferior to the ace army in gu a wild hairstyle cool, I like you to play the ace army in gu a wild, the military uniform wears on your body cool, a look is the ace army iron powder, to this, what do you have an opinion?Well, this is the end of xiaobian commentary, we will see you next time!