Xianyang Changwu primary and secondary school full term resume “god beast” finally cage

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Sunshine news (reporter Zhao Xiaokang correspondent Landan Li Xin) bright school uniforms, spiritual appearance, carrying schoolbags, wearing masks, the end of the winter vacation happy life of the “god beast” they finally returned to the cage, the campus of the new semester has restored the past vitality.February 15 was the registration day for the new semester. More than 20,000 students from primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Changwu County went back to school and started a new study life.At 7:30 in the morning, at the gates of each school in the city, the entrance inspection facilities have been set up at the gates of each school, and the passage lines for students and teachers have been drawn on the ground, and there are also signs with a distance of one meter.Under the guidance of teachers, security guards and medical staff, students wearing masks lined up to enter the school gate in an orderly manner.”Good teacher!The teacher is good!Hello, children!Taller again!”A clear and sweet greeting echoed in the campus and the hallways.After saying goodbye to the long winter holiday, the children were overjoyed to see their teachers and classmates.”School is finally back, I can study and play with my classmates again, and I am happy to think of rebuilding our football team again.”Changwu County Zhaoren street central primary school grade six (3) class Gao Yuchen students excited said.In order to ensure that the county’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens in the new semester work orderly, Changwu County education bureau in-depth school supervision and inspection work,Focus on the supervision of the new semester teachers on duty, students reporting, the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, the investigation of campus security risks and the surrounding environment, the implementation of “double reduction” and “five management” measures, after-school services, courses, teaching plan formulation, nutritional meal provision and other work.Before the start of the school year, all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Changwu County began to make early arrangements for the start of the school year, and carried out epidemic prevention and control, security risks investigation, boarding student management and enrollment education.Conscientiously implement the school “six one” requirements (good first morning exercises, hold the first flag ceremony, do the first speech under the flag, the first new class, decorate the first homework, hold the first class team meeting), the spring school order is good.Referring to the feeling of school, Changwu County experimental primary school teacher Yu Jing smiled and said he was very nervous and excited.”A few weeks before the semester starts, our teachers have been working hard to get ready.Now to see the children go into the classroom orderly learning, I feel both happy and practical.In the new semester, my children and I must come on and get good grades.”This year, changwu education work according to the working train of thought of “1223”, namely “highlight a main line, strengthen the party’s overall leadership to the education work, focusing on” two emphasis, comprehensively improve the teaching quality of education, firmly keep prison safety bottom line “, carry out “two to create, to promote the balanced development of the compulsory education of high quality, preschool education popularization pratt &whitney county to create work”,Deepen the “three reforms, steadily promote the reform of education evaluation system reform, the recruitment of students test system, county tube school reform”, strengthen the investment, implement education infrastructure construction projects, ensure the safety of construction projects, each school smoothly, we will further expand coverage for the county education of high quality resources, shorten the urban and rural areas and the intercollegiate gap, promote the overall development level of the county education.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn