Female shareholders miserable investment brush screen: fry 1 year loss 1.5 million!Listen to the teacher, big V recommendation, the net friend so comment

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Want to celebrate the New Year immediately, have the tragedy of stock fry to brush screen however.A female investor recently posted a post titled “In one year of stock trading, the fund and stock lost more than 1.5 million yuan,” which quickly rose to the top 10 hot topics list.The investor said 1 years ago to open an account, and then every day trading, it is to listen to the “teacher” recommended stocks, it is full warehouse operation, lost money also reluctant to empty positions, the result will not only take a lifetime savings, but also borrow money to stir stocks, now the fund lost 140,000, the stock lost more than 1.4 million, total loss over 1.5 million.But at the beginning, she is profitable in stock trading, just want to be financial management at that time, the annual rate can reach 3-4%.Now huge losses, has caused a huge impact on its life.Investment losses in one year, 1.5 million “like playing joy beans, every day tens of thousands of tens of thousands of kui” this post on January 28, investors complain, “from the stock market, has suffered a serious depression, sleep every night, losing too much money, is this life savings, I like to play joy beans, tens of thousands of tens of thousands of lost every day,I didn’t open an account last year, but after I opened an account to trade stocks this year, the nightmare began.”She said: “Every day I lose so much money, all day long thinking about how to earn back the lost money, the result is more loss, every night in bed thinking about why the fall again, summed up the method, always failed, I feel that whichever I buy, which will fall, and a big drop.”Specific loss situation, according to later she replied in the message net friend said: a total of 4.1 million, the result of the fund lost 140 million, the stock lost more than 1.4 million.She lost more than $700,000 in the last trading session in January.”Kui hemp, in the mind think oneself loathe to give up to eat, loathe to give up to drink, send money all to the stock market to lose, the heart has been broken, upset, during the day no work at all, do not know how to do.”From the investor’s own account, this has seriously affected its life.I can’t sleep all night. I have to work all day. I have children to support and a mortgage to pay.Daily trading, blindly with “big V” stocks but also borrow money to increase leverage this investor is how to operate?From her reply to the netizen’s post, we can roughly understand why she lost so much.One is to trade every day, the other is to follow the online “teacher”, “big V” blind stock speculation.She replied, “I trade every day. Recently, I heard that big V bought qiming information online and lost nearly 500,000 yuan. He said that this ticket could increase by 30%.”Buy time, do not know, the teacher said that will rise, thinking back to this, so bought, which know not to usher in the rise, but has been falling endlessly, make my New Year’s day have been very miserable.”And reporters see qiming information, the stock limit on December 30 last year, up to the latest close, a month of time has plummeted nearly 40%.”Shanghai beiling even is even eat two limit, are confused, do not know how to do, then has been in a bad mood, has been losing.”And reporters like hai Bei Ling, this year has also fallen nearly 20%.In addition, she also bought SAN ‘an photoelectric, “lost more than 100,000, when the day went up, did not sell, the result was bearish, the next day fell limit, let me catch up, and then fell every day.”SAN ‘an is down nearly 40% since August.”Recently bought four dimensional map new, and to set.”Sidimensional has fallen more than 12 percent in just over a week.”Sunk cost” trap: lost money reluctant to empty: unwilling!Why a huge loss of 1.5 million?From investors’ own account, a big reason is that they will not stop their losses, and even borrow money to cover positions.The technical term for this is falling into a ‘sunk cost’ trap, where you don’t stop your losses after you’ve invested.According to the post, the investor just began to fry is profitable, “like a financial management, the annual rate can reach 3-4%.”The result later lost half of the property, because of the loss of money, always want to earn money back, reluctant to empty positions, also lead to more losses.This in turn leads to more and more sunk costs.She herself thought there was a good chance the money would never come back.And not only do not want to short positions, according to its reply to the netizen said, much of the 4.1 million yuan of principal is borrowed, because the more loss, the more up.”I kept thinking, why am I in the stock market?The investor replied.But at the same time, he repeatedly said, “I am not willing to lose so much money.”Net friend comment: don’t listen to anyone’s recommendation learn to stop loss for the female shareholder, a net friend reminds her, fry five taboo: don’t listen to anyone’s recommendation;Don’t fill a warehouse easily;Don’t borrow money to buy stocks;Don’t buy unfamiliar stocks;Don’t go against the trend to cover.And female investors say they are guilty of it all.More netizens said to learn to stop loss.There are netizens stressed that should not listen to the big V stocks, the stock market no tears.Others point out that professional work is left to professional people.Finally, I hope female investors can learn a lesson, work hard in the year of the Tiger, and stop following the “big V” in the stock market.Source: China Fund News author: Wu Yu Read: Sun Shijian