Don’t throw away the pomelo peel!Good for thinning hair

2022-05-07 0 By

Just now this season is a grapefruit in season, fruit shop and roadside vendors and street fruit vendor are started selling the grapefruit, of grapefruit acid sweet taste has been very popular with people, a lot of people love to eat grapefruit should have eaten several wave grapefruit, and grapefruit not only taste sweet, and rich in nutritional value,But do you all know what pomelo is good for your hair?Today, Dr. Shi Yuanyuan will talk to you about the benefits of pomelo for your hair.oneProtect hair prevent take off to improve the way to sparse hair, pomelo vitamin B group, protein and other trace elements are indispensable nutrients for hair growth, and there is a single essential oil ingredients, let hair more moist, but also can control oil water, prevent hair loss.Two, increase the toughness of the hair pomelo skin contains certain nutrients, can supplement nutrition for the hair, with pomelo skin to wash hair, can increase the toughness of the hair, but also can moisten the hair, prevent hair drying, causing broken hair.3, increase hair pliant sex because often go to barbershop to do hair now a lot of people, let the hair become coarser, knot, and the essential oil material that pomelo skin contains can make the hair becomes more pliant and elegant, use shampoo can increase the pliant sex of the hair.