Beijing Toyota Kost 19 how much Beijing where to sell Toyota Kost

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Produced by Sichuan FAW Toyota, we can show its difference through interior modification.Imitators are also in an endless stream. Toyota Koster is tall and beautiful in appearance design. Such conditions also provide the premise for Toyota Koster modification.Toyota Koster (Koster) modified car in the interior modification design fully pay attention to the perfect combination of comfort and dignity, more integrated into the designer Toyota Koster luxury edition uses panoramic integrated closed Windows,While showing the noble temperament, it also greatly increases the driving safety and protection of the inside of the car. The electroplating decoration inlaid on both sides of the Toyota Koster modified commercial version of the body and the luxury of the Toyota logo. The newly equipped high-bright silver steel wheels make the Toyota Koster (Toyota Koster) shine both at rest and when driving.The notable change for the new Koster is in the doors. Unlike the old model, the new Toyota Koster Deluxe Airplane door can only be opened from the driver