Are you using the provident fund? What are the new measures of the provident fund system?

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Have you used provident fund? Kang Shu provident fund is a system with Chinese characteristics.It is popular because of low interest rates on home loans.By the end of 2020, a total of 19.6 trillion yuan had been collected from housing provident funds, 12.3 trillion yuan had been withdrawn, and 11.1 trillion yuan had been issued for personal housing loans.Now, the provident fund system and what new measures?Different redeemable provident fund Mr. He works in a biomedical material company in Chengdu, and the provident fund is also paid in Chengdu.In recent years, he has been based in Fuzhou due to work needs and bought a house in downtown Fuzhou in 2021, but the withdrawal of the provident fund has worried him.Do you have to go all the way to Chengdu in order to withdraw money?Is there method to extract accumulation fund in Fuzhou?He went to the provident fund window in Fuzhou to consult and learned that all he needed to do was hand in the withdrawal materials to the provident fund center, which would handle the application procedures. All the materials would be scanned and sent to the Chengdu Housing Provident Fund Management Center, and he could withdraw the provident fund without going to Chengdu.Only four days later, Mr. He received a notice that the Chengdu Housing Provident Fund Management Center had passed the withdrawal application, and more than 90,000 yuan of provident fund could be immediately received.Mr. He also became the first customer to handle the “inter-provincial” provident fund business in Fuzhou.Before the “inter-provincial” business is realized, workers who deposit and pay accumulation fund in other provinces must return to the place where they deposit and deal with relevant business, which not only requires workers to spend time and effort to “run back from two places”, but also spend a large sum of travel expenses.Like Mr. He, more and more people enjoy the convenience of “cross-provincial housing provident fund”.According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), on the basis of completing three inter-provincial procedures in 2020, five services will be completed as scheduled in 2021, including “registration and account opening of housing provident fund units”. That is to say, at present, eight frequently-used matters of housing provident fund have been completed inter-provincial procedures.So far, has been around for “across the province to do” business set up 6460 of the 1364 line designed window and online community, through the entire network to do, the collecting agent and manages three service mode, dealt with more than 23.38 million business, has accumulated 78.47 million capture puts the worker using a small program, apply for a long-distance transferring business 840000, transfer of $8.3 billion.The average processing time of joint business between the two places has been shortened from 14 working days to 7 working days, and the average processing time of transfer and connection business in different places has been shortened from 11 working days to 6 working days.Flexible obtain employment also can do accumulation fund as everyone knows, in quite long period of time, what accumulation fund system faces is the unit capture puts a worker, the amount that unit capture puts the specified amount and him worker capture add together to form monthly accumulation fund capture puts total amount.Due to the low interest rate of housing provident fund loans, many people with flexible employment also look forward to saving and using provident fund.At present, the door of the provident fund system has been opened to flexible employment in some cities.In 2021, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Changzhou and Chongqing were selected as the first pilot cities for flexible employment to participate in the housing provident fund system.In addition, Xi ‘an and other “observer” cities have also carried out relevant work.Capture of personnel of flexible obtain employment puts how many accumulation fund every month, how does loan amount calculate again?According to the pilot program of Guangzhou, the city only sets a lower limit but not an upper limit for the contribution of flexible employment workers, who can declare their contribution monthly and adjust it monthly.The minimum amount of deposit shall be: the base of deposit shall not be lower than the minimum wage standard of Guangzhou, and the proportion of deposit shall not be less than 10%.At the same time, flexible employment loan can only buy the first house, and can only use the housing provident fund loan once, the minimum participation deposit time before the loan is 24 months.The loan amount shall be calculated by the contribution of the depositor and calculated by the product of the deposit and loan coefficient corresponding to the daily balance of the account and the deposit time, and the maximum loan amount shall be the same as that of the employee on the job.The number of flexible employment in China has reached 200 million. If a large number of flexible employment people can be included in the provident fund system, it will better reflect the “improvement of flexible employment labor and employment and social security policies”, and is expected to help more flexible employment people solve their housing problems.In the past, the housing provident fund mainly supported employees who contributed to the fund to buy houses, but now it supports both renting and purchasing. The benefits of the housing provident fund system are being expanded to better support the basic housing needs of the vast number of people who contributed to the fund.Zhiyi Xu, 24, chose to rent a house after moving to Guangzhou to work in 2021.The project she rented was the “monthly rent repayment” pilot project of Guangzhou housing provident fund. Zhiyi Xu applied for the automatic repayment service of the balance of her housing provident fund account, and now she has realized the automatic withdrawal of housing provident fund monthly to pay her rent.The service is also popular with housing rental companies, for which the stability of monthly rent payments with housing provident fund will reduce their administrative costs.Therefore, housing rental enterprises for the use of housing provident fund on a monthly basis also rent customers to give special concessions: not only free rent deposit, rent is also discounted.Shanghai has made efforts to relax the conditions of withdrawing housing provident fund to pay rent.According to reports, in 2021, there were 957,000 people handling rental and withdrawal services in Shanghai, of which 94 percent were new residents and the withdrawal amount was 12.3 billion yuan.Renovation of old residential areas is being accelerated nationwide, and the housing provident fund system is also helping.Since 2021, the housing and urban-rural development departments have issued policies to support residents in old residential areas in cities to withdraw their housing accumulation funds for installing elevators and renovating their own homes.Some of the cities that have implemented the elevator extraction housing accumulation fund, it is more convenient to extract the accumulation fund for the elevator.For example, some cities relax the extraction conditions and increase the extraction frequency, and some cities cancel the extraction time limit or simplify the extraction conditions.The integration of provident fund makes it more convenient to use provident fund in metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations.With the acceleration of regional integration, urban circles and urban agglomerations are forming, and people and capital are flowing freely, which also gives rise to the demand of housing provident fund payers to deposit and use in different places.In this context, the integration of housing provident fund is progressing rapidly.In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta region, The Chengdu-Chongqing region, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and the Jiaodong Economic Circle have all actively promoted information sharing and mutual recognition and credit of housing provident funds.Not long ago, a strategic cooperation conference on high-quality Development of Housing provident funds in the Yellow River Basin was held. Eight provincial capitals reached a mechanism for mutual recognition of loans in different places and actively promoted regional integration of housing provident funds.As the employment population in some cities spills over to live in neighboring cities, the number of people who buy houses across regions is increasing. Regional integration of housing provident fund provides support to this group, and also helps the coordinated development of regions to advance to a higher level and higher quality.The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will continue to expand the coverage of the housing provident fund system in the future, so that more employment groups can enjoy housing provident fund services, said a person in charge of the relevant departments.We will further improve policies on the use of provident funds, support people who have contributed to the provident fund in both buying and renting, and solve the problem of basic housing.The standardization, standardization and facilitation of housing provident fund services will be improved, and the construction of smart housing provident fund will be promoted.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: