A letter to teachers, team and friends in sunny Day

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Dear Teachers and team, dear friends: today, my family and I are here to bow deeply to teachers in sunny day, it is mindfulness and your guidance that let me basically out of anxiety depression, saved me and our family.Thank you and your team!I sincerely hope that mindfulness can help more people and let friends return to normal life.The following I put my feelings about learning mindfulness and some of my own experience to write out, I hope that in sunny days the teacher corrects, there is a good use of experience hope to help you.I was a student in January 2021. I took both basic and advanced classes.I am 2016 years later, lanzhou hospital diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, take medicine reaggravated in November 2020, 2 weeks, to the Atlantic two hospital hospitalization particularly depressed, hopelessness, were dead, rice to eat, brain thinking, have the idea of si, just think of baby and parents, hard support.During hospitalization, the hospital only gave medicine and some physical therapy, felt that there was no other treatment, wanted to leave the hospital.While I was in the hospital, I was looking at a treatment for depression on my phone when I came across “Eight Steps for Mindfulness”, so I bought the audio and listened to it (without any hope).When I was going through discharge formalities, MY medical card was not suitable, so I talked with the doctor for only a few minutes (I was very focused at that time). After that, I suddenly felt better. (Later, THROUGH mindfulness, I realized that this was because I inadvertently shifted my attention while doing things with my heart, which is also one of the reasons why I believed in mindfulness at the beginning.)Returned home already plan to arrange their own affairs, has taken the si method to think it over, take out the remaining money for parents to leave, to go to their hometown after pretended to calm, parents see me very happy (my father at the age of 74, 70 – year – old mother, I am the eldest son in the home, working in the county, a sister in the countryside, because my family reasons,My parents have been in my hometown, in fact, I have the ability to take my parents to the city to live), for me to cook tea, cooking what.When my parents and I said what I now can’t remember a word, at that time is I looked at my parents talk, his mind to the other, didn’t listen to parents said, suddenly see mother between eating to gray hair, think of my mother for me to read as a child to eat the bitter, I admitted to the university mother happy appearance, I’m the first in our village college students,In 1994, when the county took the test of 8 fresh students, I was one of them), thinking THAT I was the pillar of the family, is the pride of parents, so SI parents will be anxious crazy, think a lot, and finally did not take out the money to parents (money in the car at that time).Then he drove back to his home in the county and deposited the money in the bank again.One night watching mobile phone to check about the depression, suddenly saw a “no shadow brother” video, is to come out of depression patients, combined with what he said, when all of a sudden do discharge himself talking to the doctor that the feeling of a few minutes, in combination with the concept of “mindfulness eight steps”, I suddenly have a little hope, and then submitted to the class.After nearly a year of study, now basic good, very happy, now think of those ideas at that time, feel funny, now look at depression, think it is so small, so not worth mentioning, “my life by my eyes day” is it true, life is parents give, is in our hands, let’s why humiliate yourself?Now come back, I put their own experience sorted out, and we exchange, hope to help you, also hope in sunny teacher guidance.01 Comprehensive understanding of this disease, cognition of our disease, as a plant neurological disorder (not necessarily accurate), is due to the poor management of bad emotions, long-term unhappy, depressed, for a long time, evil pressure over the positive qi, caused the disease.Make an inappropriate analogy, like Syria, as prime minister for failing to find some terrorist groups, management at ordinary times, against the bad social target not found in time, in the long run, these terrorist organizations have slowly, forces, society is out of the question, and the United States and other western powers provoke support, war broke out.In order to stay in power, the Prime Minister has to fight, destroy the terrorists and rebel forces in time, and rebuild the army. The Prime Minister himself must not be in disorder, but must be organized, reorganize the various institutions and establish a new social order.Anxiety depression is the same, since the disease, we still master, we can not mess, then we need to keep a clear mind, the use of mindfulness and other methods, clear the disorder of the mind order, so that the disorder of the plant nerve normal.The symptoms of this disease are fear, a rapid heartbeat, insomnia, extreme depression, lack of happiness, thoughts, and wandering thoughts. These are just symptoms. Don’t be afraid of it.I am now very responsible to tell you that this disease can be good, absolutely self-healing, and good after no sequelae, do not be afraid of it, this is the key.In the future, I hope you don’t read relevant information every day, “what this disease is mental cancer what”, don’t believe those rumors.Starting today, believe in mindfulness, use mindfulness, and truly heal yourself.I think drinking medicine is like Russia, China and other aid to Syria. It can help control the situation, but to solve the problem completely, it needs the prime minister, it needs the people, it needs us.It’s up to us to be better.Believe in yourself, believe in mindfulness, and actively heal yourself out of !!!!Insomnia is the main symptom of this disorder and most people I know have it. I myself have been taking sleeping pills for four years and it is particularly painful.My experience is to take the psychological approach of mindfulness, let it go, and treat it as if it doesn’t matter.Running, 5km a day.To run, the lungs need to feel compressed (I run at night and only take 40 minutes for 5km).Full expiratory therapy, that is, the nostrils will slowly inhale air, inhale to the maximum amount, and then breathe out slowly with the nostrils, the slower the better, so repeatedly.Side sleep at night, can not sleep, seriously do so repeatedly, can do as long as how long.Anyway I use these methods now sleep well, can also fall asleep at noon, sleeping pills have stopped.I don’t know if it’s the running or the slow breathing, but it’s okay.Believe me, as long as you insist, absolutely unexpected results.Running more than 5 kilometers a day, we must run, the lungs should have a sense of pressure, insist on running, the chest will slowly open.If running is not convenient, climb a mountain, play badminton and so on, anyway is aerobic exercise.Get serious about your work and life and start taking it slow today.People with this disease do not want to do anything, do not want to talk to people, now, you must move, it is very difficult to start moving, but when you act, the effect is very good, the next action is not difficult, so you have to force yourself to act, to bring a bit of compulsion.You can try to take a good shower and feel great, wipe the table, mop the floor, and feel great.If you don’t have a regular job, you can get a job and get serious about your work. When you get serious about your work, you can forget about everything and get a good day’s work.If do not have fixed job, the recreational activity such as play cards, chess is all right, how move rise how come, how can transfer attention how come.Speak more and their loved ones to their own hearts and loved ones said, with their own learned psychological knowledge in turn to speak to relatives, comfort relatives, comfort people at the same time is also comfort yourself, the effect is very good.Don’t worry about any symptoms.Using mindfulness, begin today by accepting and accepting all symptoms and letting go completely.(Easy to say, difficult to do, I hope friends slowly understand experience, slowly accept accept).Don’t be afraid of symptoms, don’t be afraid of repeated symptoms the more you struggle with the symptoms, the more you fear it, the more severe the symptoms, starting today, don’t be afraid of it, let him come and go, slowly get used to it.(This is the key) really feel everything in life there is a sound, you listen, want to listen carefully listen, listen carefully, you listen to the sound, think of something else, this is the common disease of people like us, you try, “listen carefully” and “just listen” is not the same.Look, too (this is very important, slowly experience).Meditate every day.Now that you are doing it, do it carefully, meditate, think about other things, it is not meditation.Only seriously do a, the chest opened up all of a sudden.The symptoms come, be persistent, believe he will go sometimes the symptoms come for a few days are very uncomfortable, then you need to calm down, you need to persevere, everything will pass.Accept buddhist aspects of the thing have time can properly accept some buddhist aspects of the thing, can calm their mind, can also listen to zen music.Some sincere to believe in mindfulness, believe in yourself, to establish confidence accept accept everything to come out of symptoms, with the indifferent attitude to face everything don’t be afraid of, have no what terrible carefully into the work and life, serious work, out of the depression is fast someone told me they are read to learn, not what effect, can’t say so,As long as you have the spirit and motivation to learn mindfulness, you are on the right road to overcome the disease. As long as you learn mindfulness, you are on the road.The key to mindfulness, as I understand it, is to change perception, to get it right, and then shift attention, and hopefully you’ll experience that over time.A few points explain some understanding, understanding may not be correct, hope to be positive with the teacher.Some of the metaphors are inappropriate, so don’t get political.These are just my personal experiences, specific to healing, with teachers as positive.I can draw on my experience.