360000!BMW all imported sports car, all 2.0T, high equipped with laser headlights, easy to drive back the atmosphere

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For many of you, this is not a friendly time to buy a BMW. Why?Because there are few discounts for new cars under BMW’s brand now, such as BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and even X3, compared with the previous months, the discounts are significantly reduced.This brings a difficult problem to small partners, how to buy a car?We might as well focus on those imported models with relatively reasonable pricing, because there is no discount range for such models. The reduction of domestic models’ discounts highlights the cost performance of some imported cars, such as the BMW 4 Series we are going to talk about today.To be honest, little is known about BMW 4 Series, because the production capacity of this model is not very much, and the price difference between the original and BMW 3 series is too high.Now that the price of the BMW 3 series has risen, the cost performance of the BMW 4 Series has become more prominent.Don’t believe it?The manufacturer’s guide price of BMW 4 series is 363,800 ~ 547,800. Is the price overlapped with that of some BMW 3 series now?The BMW 4 Series is a serious, high-powered import.In terms of exterior design, the overall shape of BMW 4 Series is obviously different from that of domestic BMW we buy. The front face is designed with a smiling face, and the BMW grille is integrated with the lower intake net, which seems to give people a visual sense of smiling without too fierce design.The headlights are designed with a clear hierarchy of BMW family lights, and LED headlights, in some configurations also carry laser headlights, such a design is not very good?The overall shape of the side of the car is also particularly sporty, with red calipers, smoky coating around the Windows and even the door handles.The most interesting aspect of this BMW 4 Series is the golf club-shaped line trim on the side, but the smoked black design, which is definitely a luxury pedigree for BMW.The tail is sporting a carbon-fibre tail, and it also has blackened exhaust pipes on both sides, with blackened design around the exhaust pipes.It’s no exaggeration to say that the BMW 4 Series is not a luxurious design concept, but more of a sporty performance.In terms of body data, BMW 4 Series is a medium-sized three-box car with a length of 4788/1852/1452mm and a wheelbase of 2856mm.With a hatchback, a hardtop sports car and a droptop convertible depending on the configuration, it can cater to current consumers in a variety of ways.Interior design: The interior design of the BMW 4 Series is very similar to that of many BMW cars, and some netizens even said that the interior of the new car is very similar to nissan’s Sylsey.In fact, if you don’t look carefully, there really is such a visual sense.We’re all familiar with the idea of floating screens, full LCD car screens.Electronic chicken stick, knob style multimedia control area, are also BMW fans favorite design.What I like the most is the steering wheel, which is designed with multi-functional three patterns. It feels very good and matches the silver shift paddles that highlight the personality. The sense of movement is further consolidated.The multi-functional steering wheel controls phone calls, multimedia, and active driver assistance.In general, the configuration is relatively complete.The seating space in the back row is normal, in line with the design standards of luxury cars at this price.Of course, if you want to be too spacious and comfortable, you have to buy a BMW 5 Series. After all, this is a sports car, and the back seat is not its advantage.For powertrain, the BMW 4 Series has a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine, which is matched by an eight-gear automatic transmission.The old rules, naturally divided into high and low power versions, maximum 184 horsepower and 258 horsepower respectively.The chassis is designed with BMW’s favorite two-ball spring-absorbing front struts and a multi-link independent suspension at the back, putting more emphasis on handling.In fact, many friends do not understand the price of this BMW 4 series is not expensive, why is it not popular in China?This may have something to do with the design of its front face, which is not BMW’s fiercest current front face, which discourages some consumers.And as a sports car, the ride comfort is not very good, coupled with the frameless door design, so the noise control inside the car is not very good.The most important thing is that the delivery cycle of this BMW 4 series is long, and each 4S shop is facing different degrees of reloading.As for price performance, what do you think?