“Whole fish Feast” in Bacha Village

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This article was transferred from;On New Year’s Eve, wear ethnic costumes “burn baggage”;On the first day of the morning, put on embroidered with beautiful patterns of fish skin, animal skin clothing happy New Year……This happened in Bacha Village, Bacha Hezhen township, Tongjiang City, Heilongjiang Province.Hezhen ethnic group is an ethnic minority with a long history. The Spring Festival of Hezhen ethnic group is also called “Old Calendar Year”, which is the most solemn and lively festival in a year.Every Spring Festival, the old people gather together, toasting each other, and invite the respected Imakan singers to rap and tell stories, offering good wishes to everyone.On the first day, just finished and friend cooperation, comparable to the village of eight bifurcation Wu Guifeng ChuanXiSuo teacher told reporters: “now live rich, the diversification of forms of entertainment, but who could we celebrate a festival ritual, when the familiar melody rang, no matter the men and women, old and young, all will be waving his arms, actually singing.”Fishing and hunting used to be the main source of food and clothing for the Hezhe people, and the custom of eating fish was handed down from generation to generation.The rich whole fish feast is an indispensable food for the Hezhen People during the New Year. In the whole fish feast, fried, fried, steamed, fried, stewed…There are many different ways of cooking, sweet, sour, salty and spicy.The Hezhen people are also known as “fishskin tribe”. In the eyes of the Hezhen people, the whole body of the fish is treasure.Fish skin stickers are often used to express hezhe people’s longing for life, auspiciousness and peace.Wang Haizhu, who led the women in the village to do fish skin painting during the Spring Festival, is a master of wealth in the village. She founded the sea pearl handicraft cooperative to dig out the value of the whole fish and make long fish industry chain.”Fish skin painting and fish skin handicrafts have become an important part of the characteristic ethnic culture, tourism and economic development of Bacha Hezhen Nationality township.”Wang haizhu said.In the past, hezhe people made a living by fishing and hunting, but now they create a “whole fish feast” and turn to the whole cultural industry chain.When the Spring Festival comes, the hospitable Hezhe people hold a “whole fish feast” to entertain their relatives and friends. They sit around the table and make fish skin paintings and ornaments. They tell each other their longing for a better life in the future while singing and laughing.(Economic Daily – China Economic Net reporter Ma Weiwei)