Three super sweet pure love article: blow “fatal partial pet”, people set su fried, 9.8 minutes sweet to the end!

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Hi, everyone, I’m your editor Nini.Recently a lot of little baby leisure time do not know what to read novels, unknowingly fell into the book shortage, this xiaobian also feel the experience.Today xiaobian to recommend: three super sweet pure love: blowing “fatal favor”, people set Sue fried, 9.8 points sweet to the end!The first: “I really is a student with outstanding results” author: straight male on the tree introduction: love for three years to discover the former boyfriend is a slag, for the future and the rich daughter engaged in marriage.”Professor Yu, I still don’t agree with you. Scholarship is rigorous, but what is it compared with the development of The Times? If that little mistake can promote scientific progress and create a better future, then what is that little mistake?”Li Hongyu’s words let the scene quiet down, the crowd looked at him, did not speak, the needle can be heard.Their eyes were full of contempt, sympathy and pity.Sitting beside Liu Ye gao Yang is disappointed shook his head.Li Hongyu, originally the student who gave the most hope, now appears to be a joke.It is impossible to become a scholar if one is not rigorous in his studies.”Classmate, I don’t agree with you!”Li Hongyu heard and turned to look at liu Ye who had just stood up.”Oh, who are you, and what do you say?”Hello, MY name is Liu Ye, currently studying in stars institute of Science and Technology.”(Click below to read for free) The second book: Fatal Partial pet by: Man Xi Introduction: Li Qiao, the daughter of Li Family tuan pet, is divorced.Li family revolt, the city crusade, vowed to each other good.As it were, Li Qiao did not want to discuss shang Lu’s withdrawal too much.An unknown origin of the baby kiss, back also in the middle of the plan.At this point, Li Cheng was sitting in a high-back computer chair with his legs crossed and his posture was elegant and clear, especially his lazy appearance, just like Li Qiao’s.His chin held up a little, and his firm cheeks smiled indulgently. “Don’t want to say?”Li Qiao looked up at him and threw the pistol back into his arms. He leaned back and sat at the corner of the bed with his hands on his back. “HMM.”It was probably only in front of li Cheng, the third brother, that Some of Li Qiao’s true emotions were naturally revealed.Li Cheng narrowed his cold and dark eyes, hiding a cruel anger in his eyes. “I won’t say any more. My third brother will take back the injustice he has wronged you.”Sitting beside the bed, Li Qiao kicked his toes, his eyes fell on the black windcoat behind the chair, but the black figure of another man appeared in his mind.(click on the below free reading) third: “grow handsome isn’t my fault” author: mo find chicken habitat the introduction: night maple is a girl, but grow very handsome woman.she always being misunderstood into very outgoing boy, with her boyfriend is always being misunderstood in one another, while her boyfriend said he did not mind the surface, but to her at arm’s length.Night maple thought that it was the first class after all, the students might not cooperate with the teacher because of the different way of teaching, but I did not expect that everyone would be so dedicated to listen to his lecture.The class from the night maple began to lecture to class, in addition to answer the night maple’s questions, are silent, but for seeing the students under the platform, night maple thought he was a person in the classroom to lecture it!And Xu Qian was familiar with the voice will not know floating to where the thoughts to drag back, surprised to look at the podium, a long time can not return to god.”Sister Night Maple…”Looking at the podium is lecturing night maple, Xu Qian muttering to himself.”That’s all for this lesson. Let’s dismiss now.”Pack up the Chinese book, night maple looked up at the students said.The students all felt that the lesson ended too fast, the teacher’s voice was so nice!It’s like listening to a story.”Na na, long time no see!”The students left the classroom, but Xu Qian still stayed in her seat.Night maple did not leave the classroom, she went to the whole class in front of leng Xu Qian smiled and said.Good time is always short, if you feel good, I hope you will give xiaobian article a thumb-up plus a concern yo!Pay attention to xiaobian not book shortage oh, we will see you next time!