Recommended must-have items for spring travel, with luxury wool bonus at the end

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Preface After the Spring Festival, we ushered in the spring, and can travel to play.But many people don’t know what they should take with them. Lime will introduce some good travel items I found recently, including latex neck pillows, luggage tags, passport clips, coats, suitcases, perfume, makeup bags, etc.North Sea Monster Lollipop latex neck pillow

Modern civilization disease everywhere, cervical spondylosis is getting younger and younger.High school students all day desk brush cervical vertebra uncomfortable, office gens desk work, all day to the computer cervical vertebra early deformation, all kinds of sub-health uninvited from.So dizziness, drooping…The discomforts of old and young alike.Therefore, it is imperative to protect the cervical spine all the time.Portable cervical vertebra pillows are favored by people without affecting work and travel, and SO am I.I was lucky to experience the North Sea Monster Lollipop latex neck pillow. I felt very good after using it for a period of time.
The North Sea Monster Lollipop latex neck pillow, as its name suggests, looks like a big hollowed-out lollipop.Imagination can be a big key to health if it is rich enough.Head is a key north sea monster head, this group of full of personality and civilization after 95 matches, as in the eyes of adults we spoiled after 95, the wild, but as a real master after 95, I think we have the north sea monster brave, but more is the human wisdom and create value of intelligence and thought.We dare to do it, just like we have the idea of enjoying ahead of time, and know that protecting the cervical spine as early as possible is the king’s way, rather than waiting for the disease to spend a huge amount of money to treat.
Beihai monster Lollipop latex neck pillow I will use when driving, because it can not only protect the cervical spine but also protect the head. Do not say THAT I am too exaggerated to maintain myself. I love myself so much and know how to protect my health since I was young.Neck sprains are one of the most common injuries in car crashes, according to authorities.Data show that in 26% of the collision, driving personnel damage about the head or neck, and under the same conditions of collision, the proper use of car headrest ride than not proper use of car headrest staff the probability of neck pain decreased by 40%, with good quality than using inferior – ask pillow headrest driving personnel to reduce neck injury probability.So it seems, not only to use cervical vertebra pillow, more selective good.
I’m a people like the pursuit of a better life, advocating life is constantly on the road, this time I borrow from the lollipop neck pillow, walking in the view of the landscape of the mountain to see the road, 360 ° it brings me a sense of security and power support, make me comfortable on it by plane, sit high iron, by train, by car, despite the eastlands, but have it developed to caress,My neck vertebrae still feel no pain.It takes care of me like a family member.
No matter how far you go, you don’t have to be afraid of it falling off. The original annular lock design provides all-round comfortable support and the touch of soft skin-friendly fabric makes you feel really comfortable.
The support force MAX has been tested repeatedly by equivalent stress simulation. Ordinary neck pillows cannot completely fit the face and shoulder-neck curves, and the support force is uneven. Lollipop can fit the face and shoulder-neck curves better, and the support force is 5-8 times that of conventional neck pillows on the market.I have used two or three cervical pillows, and this one does lift the others, which is what I have been able to use for so long.Love its 360 degree rotation, all-round rely on looking for the most appropriate sleeping posture, is to write a copy can find the best Angle to support the head, leaning on the back of the chair the whole head without a little weight feeling, can easily adhere to the first copy 4 hours feel tired.Because of pillows near our olfactory organs, so the material is good or bad directly affects the reaction of our senses, smell like me, people commonly known as dog nose is very sensitive to fabric filler, to the north sea monster lollipop latex neck pillow is made of high quality blended fabrics of cotton, permeability and heat preservation performance is recognized, use 3 hours can keep dry under normal temperature,It made my experience quite soothing.Detachable pillowcases that are clean and cool for a whole year are no problem.No travel listing
An epidemic let more people understand the importance and necessity of cherishing the present life, coming and going, whether it is the pursuit of poetry and distance we pay more attention to safety.Safety has life safety and property safety, in order not to confuse their things with others, a lot of people like to tie a red rope or favorite objects on their bags, but it seems to fail to meet the psychological performance of travelers.KIWEE was founded in Shanghai in 2016. As a travel lifestyle brand, KIWEE advocates the brand philosophy of “Close life” and encourages people to find their own attitude towards life beyond work, study and family. Its products gradually extend to all aspects of travel.
This personalized travel bag pendant appears in a full posture of travel protection. I like it very much. It not only enables me to quickly find my suitcase at the belt wheel of the airport, but also gives me a spiritual comfort when I travel.The front of a peach blossom, hope to meet on the way to travel like each other.The back can record their own information, so as not to lose items, as well as easy to find.

Hanging on bags and suitcases is a great option.Horizon 28 “super large box

The quiet universal wheel of Horizon 8 28-inch box adopts shock absorption structure, which means it can run 276,000 cycles stably, and wear is less than 2mm, so there is no more noise and no wear marks on the wheels even though it is pulled on the concrete floor tiles in the residential area. Of course, there is plaster on the wheels.

The box body is made of German Kostron PC material. The box body is designed with reading points, which is more durable. Anyway, I can travel at ease.Because of the large space of the box, the bare box looks very thin, but the toughness is very good.

The mute universal wheel is smooth and labor-saving, easy to pull or push.The universal wheel is made of steel bearings, and it is found that the heavier it is, the smoother it is. It is not stuck at all, not laborious, and it does not disturb others. Unlike the so-and-so trolley box at my home before, when I went downstairs, my mother could still hear the thrum thrum of my trolley box upstairs, which seems to ring through the whole community.Passport bag not checked
Going abroad or the preferred long wallet, convenient in the airport to load tickets, passports, foreign currencies, ID cards, etc.
Friends who have gone abroad all know that it is more troublesome to be at the airport, with more documents and more complex. Long bags are more suitable for items that need to be taken several times at the airport.
Convenient for different country notes, long wallets have better applicability.
Six cards can fit into the card.

Some coins can be tucked into the back, so it’s easy to take and carry.

The passport can also be conveniently placed inside, without affecting each other.
The style aspect still compares the business, the boy uses no problem completely.Sha Lehua New Year hoodie & AMP;Ski-wear,
It’s comfortable to wear a hoodie after the New Year, and the temperature is just right.
The main reason that proceed with it is this year benming year, red is dressed festival, although it is hoodie but warm effect is very good also.Front with zipper can match a variety of body, fat, thin, tall and short can wear a different style.Cuff thread bundle mouth is also very good, long wear deformation.

This one features a tiger print design drawn with brush, and the gold and red clash is more like the New Year.

Cut loose to simple, with classic hooded rope design, can also resist cold wind.Threaded bunches add durability to clothing.

It is very necessary to have an emergency coat when going out. The bottom layer of this coat conforms to the TPU functional film, so that the water pressure resistance and moisture permeability can reach 8K/5K, and it is not in a panic when it is rainy.The YKK zipper is durable and paired with a chest strap to improve water resistance.

Both inside and outside sets allow users to freely combine and match.This spring, a storm jacket is a must.perfume
It’s not a good idea to travel with too big a bottle of perfume — it can be a hassle — but Lime suggests starting with Bulgari’s separate collection, which has different perfume combinations for both men and women.I’m introducing the male version here.
There are 5, registered Bulgari members can be more than 300 meters to win a set.
After registering, you can receive birthday gifts (square boxes).
If you buy a perfume set, you can also have aftershave and a makeup bag (for men), while your Bulgari points can also allow you to change a makeup bag (for women).You can also redeem a Bulgari key chain after finishing the store points task.You can pull a lot of Bulgari wool from front and back.Conclusion Spring travel to share the above at present, the follow-up will share more travel good things and all kinds of shop wool welfare.I’ll see you next time.