Folk tale: a group of boys went to rob a grave and returned to the village to find that there was a woman in the village

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Welcome to kongtong scholars telling stories series, kongtong scholars to pay New Year’s greetings, I wish you a happy year of the Tiger!During the Song Dynasty, there was a small mountain village in Shandong Province. The mountain village was surrounded by mountains and the soil was fertile, so all the villagers made a living by harvesting crops.There is only a winding path to the city. One day wang Gang’s son came back from the city. He found a young man whom he had not seen for many years and discussed with him the secret of making a fortune.His childhood liu Shan and he was born on the same day, so the relationship between the two is also to a very high level.Wang Yuhuai, the son of Wang Gang, was very clever since he was a child. He told Fa Xiao, “Look, our village is surrounded by mountains. This is the vein of the dragon, so there must be tombs on the mountain.The voice did not fall Liu Shan promised, he said: you are very good to me since childhood now have the opportunity to make a fortune also do not forget to call me OF course I want to go, after all, you trust me so, that good, you rest two days we open the day after tomorrow, but this matter you must keep secret can not let others know.Wang Yuhuai said: Good!On the third day Wang Yuhuai set out with Liu Shan and the tomb raiders.Want to rob the tomb must first find the tomb there, along the way they met many difficulties, Wang Yuhuai almost fell off the cliff, after they looked for three or four days finally found the entrance of the tomb.After much groping, they found the secret door, and when they entered, they saw a pile of bones, which made their blood run cold.They continue to move forward suddenly a flaming arrow hit towards them, but the arrow is not the target of them, the arrow lit a torch, then one torch was lit, this also caused a mechanism, suddenly dozens of arrows flew towards them, instantly killed several unlucky teammates!A few people saw were scared, did not expect to make a life.Liu Shan took hold of Wang Yuhuai and said, “Brother, let’s go back.Wang Yuhuai thought of the magic like push Liu Shan said: want to walk you walk I don’t walk.Liu Shan had to follow them to continue to go, they got lost in a chamber of secrets this chamber is very dangerous, here is full of organs, there is a deep bottomless black hole, there is a friction on the burning of black gold powder, after a long time around finally they came to the main tomb.The Lord above there is a coffin tomb with blood, they slowly pushed open the coffin cover, inside was the gold of the refraction of the eye, first with gold and silver jewelry around here below in the body, the body is a woman, the woman inside as well as the living, and elastic skin, even seeing her eyelashes, as if asleep, with her hands on her chest, hands holding a piece of stone.They can not control so much, took out the bag to the inside of gold and silver treasure, when liu Shan actually took away the woman corpse hand holding a stone.They returned to the village will treasure points after each returned home, they are still glad when they have caused a disaster…….Come back that two days everything is still calm, but strange things happened in the third day…..It was a stormy day, and dark clouds covered the sky. It was midday, but it was darker than midnight.In the heavy rain people seem to see a woman, his feet did not land but in the floating forward, but also vaguely can hear…..Go to hell with the sound of ~.People were scared, then a not afraid dead man rushed up, the ghost with green eyes a stare that man like lost the soul like slowly walked up the ghost with a hand touch that man became like jerky and then straight down.Wang Yuhuai and Liu Shan fixed their eyes on a look, that is not when they rob the tomb lying in the coffin of the female corpse!When they thought, she must have come for revenge!They immediately gathered and ran to the home of the Taoist priest in the village, and the villagers all called him “Taoist Fu”.When the monk and them arrived at the village, the monk was startled. He had never seen a ghost so angry.He quickly ran the villagers to hide, he took out the dust, the mouth read a formula, the ghost will be fixed, and absorb what happened to her.She was the third princess of the Shang Dynasty. She was extremely beautiful and had a kind personality.Still be good at piano chess painting and calligraphy suffered others envy so, and design her to kill, she escaped a few times but that person caught her mother to threaten her to commit suicide, eventually she still failed to escape, but after death because of complain too heavy incarnations of harsh ghost looking for suo life, after being sealed by the person and what seal her is liu Shan takes back that stone.Now that she’s free of her seal she’s back in business.Fu trapped the ghost with a spell and told Liu Shan to retrieve the stone or it would be the end of everything.Liu Shan ran home quickly and brought the stone.At the same time that female ghost broke away from the seal of the road long also kept killing.And then take their souls to strengthen their powers.This female ghost spirit is too heavy, fu Taoist not careful way, fell to the ground, the female ghost took the opportunity to take liu Shan’s life.Talisman told Wang Yuhuai, the ghost is afraid of the sun, but this weather is not a dream to meet the sun.Now Wang Yuhuai are scared meng, fu Taoist fainted, hair small also died, the village people also do not know how much is left alive, he is now very regret early know not to steal the tomb.Symbol of Wang Yuhuai said: she can not seal now, because she is now angry is too heavy, if forced seal so he this body of anger will be released.Wang Yuhuai asked: is there any way?Not yet, said the Taoist priest, but where is Liu Shan? Where is he going?He…He’s been taken by a female ghost!Wang yuhuai said.Suddenly liu Shan’s soul came to the Taoist and Wang Yuhuai: I have a way, I can absorb half of her anger, and then you seal me, seal her, so it should be all right.Wang Yuhuai asked: but what do you do?Liu Shan said: I have died, and I want to make atonement, promise me, once she sealed the treasure must be buried, do not greedy this wealth without false.Wang Yuhuai said: OK, I promise.Now the key is to find that ghost, right now, that ghost is killing villagers.Fu Taoist took the Dan medicine, immediately the magic and the ghost fight together, Fu Taoist took the effort to set up the ghost, and then Liu Shan’s soul rushed up to suck away half of the ghost’s anger, Fu Taoist immediately will Liu Shan to seal.The ghost turned around and wanted to run away, but the spirits of the villagers she killed blocked the ghost in front of the Taoist priest, who immediately cast a magic spell to seal the ghost, and the dark sky became clear.Fu took Wang Yuhuai to put the stone back in the tomb, and then buried Liu Shan, and hid the treasure in a secret cave.Wang Yuhuai also returned to the city, steadily began to struggle, do not think about the empty head of the matter.I am your old friend Kongtong scholar, this story is over, welcome to pay attention to, home page has more wonderful articles, wish you a happy year of the Tiger!