Search for the Taste of the New Year (6) / 30 to worship ancestors eat dinner

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Thirty noon to drink chicken soup, eat rice dumplings, mother they prepare New Year’s Eve dinner at home, my brother and I followed their father, together to burn paper to grandpa’s grave.My grandfather’s grave is three kilometers away from home, and it takes at least an hour to go back and forth. Walking on the road, my father could not help talking about the past.Grandpa was poor and hard working all his life. He died of overwork and disease when he was in the five fengxing canals. He was only thirty-eight years old when he walked.At this time, father always affectionately said how sorry, how sorry!My father taught us to cherish the present time, to study hard, to work hard, to bring glory to our family.Back home, the kitchen was abuzz with activity.His wife was cooking, his mother was cooking, his sister was helping, and there was a delicious smell in the room.Day gradually dark down, this time outside is: fireworks and firecrackers all over the sky, the lights are reunion.I brought out a plate of huge firecrackers, light ignition letter, “pa pa pa pa…”There was a deafening blast, sparks flying.Put firecrackers, New Year’s Eve dinner officially began.This year’s dinner is sumptuous, chicken, duck and fish, cold vegetable dishes, two POTS, a big table full.”I’m busy with a lot of dishes. I don’t know if they suit your taste. To save face, I want to eat more.”The wife took off her apron and smiled.My father took out two bottles of Wuliangye from the room and poured them into the cup.”Good wine and good food today, which is unimaginable in the past!””The father said, smiling deeply.The nephew also opened a bottle of red wine and coconut water, so he could drink whatever he wanted.”They all taste like farm food. Even five-star restaurants don’t have such dishes.”My brother-in-law praised me while eating.”We all drink a cup together first, wish good luck in the Year of the Ox, the day over the more prosperous!”My father picked up his glasses and they all clinked and drank.”I wish grandpa and grandma good health and happiness!””Good good good, you all have red envelope.”With a glowing face, the father took out four big red envelopes and handed them to his grandchildren with a smile.”I wish you a big fortune and a red envelope.”The two girls picked up their wine glasses and asked for a red envelope.”All have all have, you want to study hard, I still wait to drink your wedding wine.”We toast each other, wish a good life, to welcome the arrival of the New Year.During the banquet, and put four big fireworks, a string of fireworks, with whistles, with people’s wishes, the night dressed up to be gorgeous.”Dad, were you busy with Chinese New Year when you were young?””The daughter asked curiously.”Also lively ah, but also don’t expect to have such a beautiful fireworks.How happy you are now!””At that time, the whole family was busy for a whole month during the Spring Festival.You can buy everything these days.””Said the mother.”You are busy working outside, I retire a month 3,000 yuan, what can not buy New Year?Did they?”Father’s face was glowing and he was gesticulating with delight, as if he were drunk.”We all enjoy Daddy. Daddy is happy today. It doesn’t matter if he drinks more.”The nephew raised his glass and smiled.”Sun Tzu, you’re wrong. It’s not me, it’s the Communist Party!””Rightness rightness, enjoy the blessing of the Communist Party, we reunion, also respect our party a cup of wine.”Brother homeopathic end wine cup, we all wish, wish the motherland a better tomorrow.Wine does not intoxicate people drunk!In this warm moment of reunion, we enjoy the joy of the New Year, laughter, happy.”Your father has had too much to drink tonight. Pay attention.”Mother whispered to me.”I am not much tonight, tonight happy, you see the Spring Festival Gala, I want to see the two sides of the Strait.””You’ve heard us talk so little. We watch The Two Banks every night.Mother said with a smile.I once wrote a poem, poem said: screen front squat point 20 years, after dinner recite a hundred poems.35 old man around hot discussion, the two sides of the strait and official publicity.The title of the poem “Father’s Wishes” is vivid.Father’s wish, why is not the common aspiration of all Chinese children?”Lead not long, the motherland will be unified, then take you two old people to see the treasure island Taiwan.””Well, I see also fast, some time ago…”When my father talked about the Taiwan Strait, he would never stop talking about it.Out of the door, the sky fireworks bright, thousands of lights, we enjoy the thick flavor of the year, feeling the motherland changing with each passing day, will also usher in the complete reunification of the motherland, usher in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!