Just now, Furong District of Changsha city has designated the containment area, control area and prevention area for epidemic prevention and control!

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Small cloth has just learned from changsha furong district COVID – 19 control command that furong district delimit the epidemic sealing centralization, control, prevent scope of changsha furong district about delimit the epidemic sealing centralization control area, prevent area, the range of notice according to the initial flow conditions and the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, furong district designated centralization and control area, prevent area as follows: centralization:The wuyi Huifu hotel building, Minghuida Business Building, authentic Liuyang Steamed Restaurant (No. 28 Qingshijing Lane) and nucleic acid sampling sites of Changsha Eighth Hospital will strictly implement the management measures of “regional closure, staying at home, doorto door service”, and people will be quarantined in centralized or home isolation for medical observation.Control area: Wuyi Huafu, Xianghe she Baozaifan Restaurant (Jintai Mingjun Business Street A-808), New World Trade City, No. 39 Wuyi Avenue, the implementation of “foot in the zone, wrong peak to take things” management measures.Prevention area: the enclosed area south of Wuyi Avenue, east of Huangxing Middle Road, north of Dongpai Lou Street and west of CAI ‘e Middle Road;South of Wuyi Avenue, west of Orange Fruit Hotel, north of Chaoyang Street police station, east of Bank of China Changsha Furong Sub-branch business department enclosed area.Implement the management measures of “strengthening social meeting control and strictly limiting the gathering of people”.The above measures will take effect from March 17, 2022. Citizens and friends in the above areas are requested to actively cooperate with the streets and communities to take necessary nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention and control measures.We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the public.COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, Furong District, Changsha, March 17, 2022