Seven fairies of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team enter camp!CAI Bin fears reuse small Zhu Ting, and cannot leave Gong Xiangyu, Diao Linyu

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Extra!Extra!Today, there is new news about the specific members of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball training camp. Although the official news has not been released yet, a netizen leaked a picture, which shows the seven fairies of jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team starting to gather with the big family of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team. Therefore, it is enough to represent the seven members of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team successfully entering the camp.They are Gong Xiangyu, Wu Han, Ni Feifan, Diao Linyu, Zhou Yitong, Wu Mengjie and Wan Ziyue.And about the prospects of these players in the women’s volleyball training camp xiaobian also want to express their own views.First of all, CAI Bin will reuse small Zhu Ting Wu Mengjie.As we all know, Zhu Ting’s surgery and recovery time are uncertain, and Zhang Changning has officially announced that his wedding date is in June, so he will not be in the women’s volleyball training camp, so li Yingying’s best opposite Angle will be who?I believe that we do not need xiaobian to say that we also know.Wang Yizhu’s offensive ability is weak, and Liu Yanhan’s recent condition is not very satisfied with the majority of fans, so zhu Ting and Wu Mengjie, who were very reused in Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team, will still be reused in China women’s Volleyball team.Secondly, gong Xiangyu and Diao Linyu played an indelible role in the women’s volleyball training camp, and Coach CAI Bin cannot do without their help.Gong xiangyu’s comprehensiveness shows incisively and vividly on the court, while Coach CAI Bin wants to build a Chinese women’s volleyball team with combination of high speed and fast, it is highly likely to rely on Diao Linyu, after all, Yao Di’s passing characteristics are still slow.Finally, Ni Fanfei will show her style in the women’s volleyball training camp.Although the row of the super league play by the broad masses of fans, but success in training camp, she still has the coach of reuse, small make up in the Olympic cycle of some international competition in Paris believe free man is still the main force, because her defense technology exquisite, and is also very focused in the game,Some fans even said that her backrow protection and a pass ability and Zhu Ting in the same breath.Do you think the seven Fairies of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team can represent The Chinese women’s volleyball team to compete in the Paris Olympic Games?I am HongKong HongKong chat women’s volleyball team, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball tournament, then follow me.