It’s back to school!Tiger force open, together to the future!

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Jiangnan University (JIANGnan university) welcomed the first batch of students back to campus on February 17, 2018. Under the guidance of the staff, the students completed the trip code check, body temperature check, campus code check and nucleic acid test and entered the campus safely and orderly.Teachers and volunteers enthusiastically participated in the service of returning to school, actively guided the returning students to help carry their luggage, patiently answered the precautions for admission, and the leading group of epidemic prevention and control guided the inspection at the on-site registration site and had cordial conversations with the returning students.Wuxi today with low temperature volunteers to work in the school teachers and students post school school to extend warm sympathy staff’s care So far, more than 3400 students have successfully back to school the next two days we will have more jiangnan students hope you pay attention to keep warm and protective peace back to school, school smoothly in order to further improve school epidemic emergency disposal capacity,On the morning of February 16, our school carried out an actual drill on COVID-19 prevention and control across the university. The drill mainly simulated that a nucleic acid retest positive sample was found on campus, and the school was informed by the District Health Commission that a student of our school had retested positive nucleic acid.The leading group of the University’s epidemic prevention and control work immediately launched the campus epidemic prevention and control emergency plan, and the comprehensive coordination group, students’ working group, teachers’ working group, campus security group, logistics support group, publicity and education group and other working groups were immediately in place to carry out emergency response after consultation and judgment.Drill process, epidemic issue instructions, human resources, students essence personnel screening, immediately defence for gate control, lab and equipment management to assemble and anti-epidemic goods, dormitory building logistics management for the traffic control and kill, and to do a good job of logistics, the school hospital synchronous organize total nucleic acid detection,Nucleic acid sampling was carried out for key populations.All departments have a clear division of labor, coordinated and coordinated, and handled the situation in a decisive and orderly manner. This not only comprehensively tested the actual combat operation and emergency response capacity of our school, but also accumulated experience for the accurate implementation of the school’s epidemic prevention and control work.Jiangnan University (JIANGnan University) has implemented various measures to prevent and control the outbreak of COVID-19 and to build a safety barrier on campus to ensure the health of teachers, students and staff as well as the safety and stability of the campus.This article is welcome to be reprinted by wechat official account.If you need to reprint, please note before the article: this article was first published in Jiangnan University, wechat number: JNU-1958.Email: Copyright © 2014-2022 New Media Studio, Jiangnan University.