Full-length legendary novel of the Republic of China “Liyuan Yinhate” 60

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“Oh!Yongshou is a wonderful place…”The crafty yao Zhe – day, and cock crowed like a smile.”Yumei, pour tea for grandpa Gan.”Wang Yaozu turned his head and called to his daughter-in-law, who was sitting behind him. He could not help but take a look at his unique face.Sun Yumei answered and picked up the teapot.Her hands shook as she looked painfully at her brother, and the tea flowed out of the cup.Wang yaozu was afraid of burning his daughter-in-law, so he went to pick up the teapot and pinched her butt.Startled, Sun Yumei spilled a pot of tea on her father-in-law.Cui Chunming also looked at the audience of Sun Yumei, think she lost weight, the in the mind must not happy.Yiyi yiya sang a paragraph, the screen princess scold Qin Ying shouldn’t kill Zhan Taiwei.”Son is not afraid of death!Qin Ying roared loudly and suddenly rushed to the Taiwan mouth.Pull a flying knife from your waist.Then, at that moment, I saw a flash of cold light, flew to the audience.Yao Zhetian saw the knife rushed to him, scared silly;Also because of drinking too much and slow action, avoid less than, flying knife nail in the shoulder.He howled like a chicken, broke out in a cold sweat and wet his crotch.”Get ’em!Wang Yaozu saw this and shouted, pulling out a pistol and directing the soldiers to catch the murderer.On stage, off stage chaos.Soldiers swarmed up and rushed to the stage.Cui Chunming eyes out of fire, with the surrounding soldiers to fight.Qin Dongsheng, Naughty, dagu chapter each carry a pistol fight with soldiers respectively, protect Cui Chunming.Xia Han wants to protect the teacher to leave, be pushed aside by qin GUI.Qin GUI also raised two guns rushed to the front desk, a cast to Cui Chunming, let him quickly escape.Cui Chunming still want revenge, where rushed down?The stage was surrounded by soldiers.Wang Yaozu life henchman yao Zhetian and Wang home size fled the scene.Sun Yumei looked at the stage with scared eyes and stood in front of a pillar, fearing nothing would happen to huamian brother.”Guava, go!Qin GUI used his strength waving guns, blocking to catch Cui Chunming soldiers.Qin Dongsheng et al cover Cui Chunming, fighting side back to the courtyard.The soldiers were getting closer and closer. Cui Chunming swung his rifle and, in the gap between their retreat, a kite jumped onto the wall.Wang Yaozu raised a pistol aimed at Cui Chunming, was about to buckle the machine, mischievously rushed over, biting his leg.Cui Chunming jumped out of the Wang family compound, Sun Yumei down along the pillars sitting on the ground.”Bang…Bang……”The inhuman Wang Yaozu fired two shots at the little rogue, and the soldiers shot at the wall.”Naughty, my boy…”With a cry of surprise, Daguzhang threw himself down beside his son, holding him in his arms in a pool of blood.There was no waking up the ten-year-old clown.”Naughty, naughty…”The whole crowd gathered around and wept bitterly.”Ah!Return my baby life…”Daguzhang put down his son and pounced on Wang Yaozu, a jackal, wishing to crush him to pieces to relieve his great hatred.The poor people were surrounded by layers of vicious soldiers, one on top of the other, their dark muskets pointing at them like hungry wolves round their prey.”Good heavens!What else do you want to do?Kill them all…What a world…”Qin of your face is tears, tore heart crack lung to cry.Wang Yaozu endured the pain in his leg and went to see his dry old man. The army doctor was treating his wound.Yao Zhe day pale, weakly asked, from where to find this gang bandits?When he heard that it was the Liang Yinshe troupe, his eyes rolled with surprise.The doctor who treated the wound was so frightened that he gave him a cardiac injection.For a long time, he slowly recovered, to the son of the troupe all shot.Wang Yaozu hesitated, and the troupe was about to pass the door of the “fairy” Qin LAN bud li, how can all sent to see the god of death?”To cover up the sky” lowered his fat head, thought for a moment, shook his hand, and feebly squeezed a few words out of his sunken mouth.”Let it go, let it go.By my good deeds, I will influence those foolish people.Alas!Do you still remember the assassination of Yao Fu eighteen years ago?””Is this the troupe?”Wang yaozu asked.”Yes.When the assassination failed, there was a gap.I have a large number of adults, and do not pursue, and they are petty, bitter, must kill me.”Yao Zhetian hypocritically said, “I am now a parent official, more to pity my people.Killing these untouchables for a minor wound would be a disservice to my reputation.But they are not to leave this place!Did you catch the knife thrower?I’m going to stab him to death with my knife.””Run!An escaped monk cannot escape the temple, and with this group as bait, the assassin cannot escape.”Wang yaozu nodded.Thick black clouds in the air, like motao coal mountain to yongshou county this mouth of the ‘cauldron’ rolling down, with a strong momentum of destroying the wang family courtyard of the tomb.Flashes of lightning, thunder, paint river pentium roaring…The wind grew stronger, and the trees shook and rustled violently.It sounded like the cry of a sad ghost.Aunt Zhang and Qin Lanya side sewing side talk.Thinking the play was almost over, I put down what I was doing and went to the kitchen to make dough.What mother could refuse her son’s request for fine flour?As soon as kneading the dough, the eyelids jumped and pinched a small piece of straw stick on the eyelids, laughing that it was a sea side.Qin Lanya is on fire, recall cui Chunming went out that look some abnormal, asked aunt Zhang what will happen?Aunt Zhang told her not to think, what will not happen, said not to cut the knife hurt the left middle finger.Qin Lanbud busy to find powder to her package, go to 劙.Aunt Zhang a panic, said the heart jumped into a broken rabbit baby, took a bowl just turned around, the bowl fell to the ground into fragments.At this moment, there was a rush of footsteps outside the door…”Naughty, naughty.Mom has made noodles for my baby.”Aunt Zhang heard the noise, know that everyone is back, out of the kitchen, excitedly standing on the steps.A group of people entered the yard. Nobody said anything, and there was no sign of mischief. “What about mischief?” she asked.Again there was no answer.As if the dark night sky imprisoned the hearts of everyone.Aunt Zhang walked quickly, when he saw lying upright in the arms of the son of the drum chapter, stunned, inhaled a breath of air, a hug, eagerly calling.”Naughty, naughty, wake up and eat noodles.Are you asleep?Naughty, naughty…”The little naughty, stained with blood, can no longer hear his mother’s call, can no longer eat his mother rolling fine flour.”Naughty…”Aunt Zhang shouted, fainted in the past, panic rushed to her rescue.Daguzhang carried his son into the hall, washed his face and changed his clothes.Aunt Zhang in his arms do not lose, like a fool, repeatedly stroked, calling.”No, Naughty fell asleep and soon woke up.Naughty, naughty, my baby woke up to eat noodles.”Qin Lanya put the next good noodles end of a bowl, placed in front of the small table zhang Aunt, tears, sadly looked at this once lively and lovely, naughty little brother, also called: “naughty, naughty, come back to eat fine noodles…”Qin Dongsheng cried not to live, to the naughty fire dusk money.The people were immersed in this great grief and resentment.