Dragon Warrior: Legend of Super Demon Hero basic form Dragon God pill official map public good opportunity Watu

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Dragon fighter, who is the dragon balls of rainbow fantasia (rainbow fantasia foundation form version) the official figure of specific finally was officially revealed and public, as the classic childhood feelings series, the series IP needless to say, this paper introduces the sword before the king dragon number, never thought foundation form now just open, specific features and intelligence toys and say in detail.This is rainbow fantasia of the dragon foundation form, also is the third department, domestic and pored over frequency theory is the highest (actually individual instead of as a child to see the most is the first and second) overall modelling is a blend of the first color and the shape of the second design, as the basic form is not the sort of stout of points,The third part of the figure proportion more cool some, made of toys have modelling did not expect to be so good.According to the original design and image, the perfect reappearance and created the original play modelling and design, is originally the small cross the summoned all sorts of details to call is completed, the small cross out after loaded into the cabin of the cool pose can perfect reduction, including the well-known classical lines after each create opportunities: small cross a good chance!Generally speaking, the evaluation is very good. In terms of the quality of the toys, there are no defects and problems, and the quality is also very guaranteed. If you are interested, you can be assured and bold to start.Attached to the total length of the Dragon sword about 150mm grand pen and big system!With the “Sword of King” attached to “NXEDGE STYLE[MASHIN UNIT] Sword of King Dragon God Pill”, the transformation scene can also be reproduced.The dragon balls size is 90 mm, the specific time of lock in the July 2022 or so, starting with the cost is almost 4950 yen (it is almost 284, cost performance is good, acceptable types, nearly three ticket childhood feelings, contrast scrambled up and rob didn’t directly over the years the difference between childhood feelings,That’s kind of acceptable.