Value shopping season happiness does not wait!10% down payment date for as low as $19 for 3 years 0 interest!

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In 2022, the first Group of the Chinese New Year will be rejuvenated like a tiger with wings added to its wings.The New Year car buying season of Greater Jitteria is officially open!1, grab the ticket gift: pay 99 yuan for the ticket, the activity car purchase can be used to 1999 yuan car purchase fund and 3000 yuan car purchase package (star Rui, Star Yue L do not participate);2. Opening ceremony: If you sign in on time on the day of the event, you will get a beautiful gift.3. New Year car Booking gift: All users who book a car at the event site can enjoy a customized gift set;4. Surprise Booking gift: The first 10 customers who complete the booking will get an extra booking gift.Vi. Customer forwarding gift: During the activity, forward H5 to circle of friends, collect 38 or more likes, you can get a beautiful gift at the store;Vii. New Year’s Gift for big customers: soldiers, teachers, doctors, governments and institutions can enjoy an extra fuel card subsidy of up to 2000 yuan when buying cars;Eight, Spring Festival arrival ceremony: during the event, enjoy a free disinfection, booking customers enjoy 10% off the working hours;Nine, New Year maintenance gift: after-sales basic maintenance package: buy 2 times 15% off, buy 3 times 20% off, buy 5 times 7.3 off;10. New Year Renewal: Renewal offers the chance to get a 5-piece super value gift package with a maximum value of 1098 YUAN;Cheering winter Olympics five heavy live gift (DO sound search “Geely auto” official account to participate in live gift) one, blessing bag gift red envelope blessing bag 15 rounds, 100 yuan per round, crazy grab non-stop;Two, lucky draw gift Mi 11Pro, HUAWEIGT2, MI Jia Fascia gun, MI Xiaai Audio;3. Take interactive screenshots in the live broadcast room for the Winter Olympics ceremony and receive 15 Chinese ice and snow souvenirs;Iv. During the live broadcast, customers who stay in the small Windmill will be given a beautiful gift when they come to the store;Fifth, the final ceremony mysterious tycoon appeared in the broadcast room, on-site extraction of HUAWEI MateBook E.Many surprises buy a car now!Chong ah ~ The global leader of Chinese automobile, has been the champion of Chinese brand passenger car sales for 5 consecutive years!Tihu Shengwei, strong start!Geely Auto’s sales in January 2022 reached 146,380 units, new energy sales in January hit a record high of 17,928 units, and pure electric models increased by 641% year-on-year, ushering in a good start to 2022 sales.In the future, Geely will continue to lead Chinese brands upward, create value for users, and have a more perfect consumption experience!A number of best-selling models Geely Xingyue L◆.· Flagship SUV launched worldwide!◆ Geely BRAND CMA high-end series!◆.36 period 0 interest, up to 6000 yuan financial subsidy;◆ Guide price: 1372-185,200 yuan!I am very young, very able to play but not bold a Chinese sedan subvert!◆ Financial discount to 6000 yuan!◆. Guide price: 1137-152,700 yuan!Geely Emgrand S◆ fashion crossover SUV takes into account sedan comfort and SUV high passability ◆ 36 phase 0 interest financial subsidy up to 4500 YUAN ◆Guide price: 849-108,900 yuan!Geely ICON◆ Geely ICON Thousands of love fashion etiquette!◆ Cash discount up to 6000 yuan!◆ Guide price: 998-132,000 yuan!Health, comfort, Safety platinum comfort MPV!◆ platinum mortgage to high 5500 yuan discount!◆ Guide price: 948-172,800 yuan!Geely new Bin Rui ◆. Car 0 yuan loan discount super look forward to!◆ To high discount 5000 yuan 0 down payment /36 period 0 interest!◆ Guide price: from 69,800 yuan!Vision X6 PRO◆. Super value shopping season happiness does not wait!◆.3 years 6 free maintenance 36 period 0 interest!◆ Guide price: 689-89,900 yuan!Geely New Emgrand ◆ Geely Emgrand is the national choice of over 3.3 million users ◆ Maximum comprehensive discount of 14,000 YUAN!◆ Guide price: 56,800 yuan!Vision X3 PRO◆ Super value shopping season happiness does not wait!◆ 10% down payment date for as low as 19 yuan 3 years 0 interest!◆ Guide price: 499-68,900 yuan!Due to the global chip shortage, the car is not much to buy is to earn to buy Geely, to Guangxi happy early book early car!Choose Guangxi happy ten reasons: one, the threshold is low, but also interest-free, mortgage natural province;Second, the car source is sufficient, there are many kinds, and the car is naturally fast;Three, the sales volume is large, the car source is much, the car price is naturally low;Four, more customers, good reputation, let the profits of nature;Five, 4S shop, good service, after-sales natural worry;Six, the traffic is good, easy to find, buy a car naturally convenient;Seven, sufficient capital, certificate with the car, buy a car naturally rest assured;Eight, the environment is good, more pin crown, customers naturally trust;Nine, the strength is strong, the car is sufficient, the procedure is complete naturally;X. In terms of strength, preference and service, the purchase time of the car will be From February 17, 2022 to February 20, 2022