This popular snowboarding program has a high threshold

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The Winter Olympic Games are in full swing.As the alpine skiing competitions of this Winter Olympic Games continue to unfold, athletes from all over the world gather in Yanqing to compete in the “white-water skiing”.Many viewers remember that at the opening ceremony, many countries had only one skater, and that was alpine skiing.Alpine skiing registered 307 athletes, the most of any snowsport and second only to ice hockey among the 15 disciplines.Athletes cover more than 80 countries and regions.Alpine skiing is one of the most difficult and complicated winter sports in the world and is known as the “pearl in the crown of the Winter Olympic Games”.Alpine Skiing is a double ski event that involves sprinting down a hill and across a flag gate.The events are divided into four categories: downhill, slalom, giant slalom and Super G.Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter Yao Yiyi/Wen Ge Yitan/cartography