The two top Chinese comics are also popular searches, but Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf are said to be selling feelings

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National Day lunar New Year movie is very busy, not only the deaths of blood film, there are also suitable for a reunion of onlookers film through the small countries, especially of bears HeXiYang sheep and Wolffy, basically is a dark horse in the world through the, their diffuse movie box office data is far more than the other countries, but also washed up on the hot search, actually can see from here,Chinese comics still occupy a certain weight in people’s mind, but the plots and contents of contemporary Chinese comics are childish and young in the eyes of the public, so they are ignored.So let’s understand the differences between these two Chinese comics and the box office data.01 pleasant goat and Wolffy are said to sell feelings is the most closely watched nature is pleasant goat and Wolffy, because this is their first time seven years later, again a new movie, called basket out to the future, tells the story of the city basketball, around the city to carry out a series of basketball cup tournament battle, of course, is one of the most does not lack feelings, so a lot of people say,Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf this play is completely selling feelings ah, what affection, friendship, memories, etc., all are not to draw everyone’s childhood memories, so the most used in the work is the feelings of the lens.02 row piece will be squeezed, poor box office data since the pleasant goat and Wolffy release after the data is not really good, and like the grey’s website also say one thing, hope can also give some other cities, arranged, wei-ming huang director also speak in person, said the movie since release, received many fans audience’s high praise, also have a lot of movie audience reflect too little,Some small cities even zero row film, the director and in the broadcast room begged the cinema can give the film some row film opportunity, so that more people have the opportunity to see this sincere work, feel the sheep and wolves chasing the dream of the soul of blood.The reason for such a move is that The attendance rate of Xi Grey is so low that some movie theaters have almost only one audience, which leads to poor box office figures. In the New Year, Maoyan predicted that The total box office of Xi Grey was only 130 million yuan.This is really bleak enough for Xi Hui, after all, the animation team spent several years to create the work, for them, it is not proportional.03 bears a winner of soaring through the two countries, is natural smile down of bears, bears don’t worry about the problem of the box office, because there is no basis, bear out with this time of bears, really wonderful enough, special effects can give to the full marks, to return to the earth in fact were associated with the current aviation technology, let us see the secrets of the universe,There is no extra feelings, the plot and animation technology have reached the peak, the attendance rate and pomp are extremely popular, so maoyan’s final box office data is 800 million yuan, fully 7 times of Xi Grey, so Boonie Bear is undoubtedly the winner of this time.Well, this issue on the chat here, I hope you can like oh, picture source network, assault delete.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and share oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful animation content oh, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message oh.