Kaifeng uncle a prophecy?Tian Jing brother turned into a total tian, two companies capital of millions

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Guide language: speak of tian Jing this net is red, believe the net friend that a lot of often pay attention to 28 events won’t feel strange.For Tian Jing, in fact, the February 8 incident with her is not big, after all, she is only yao Wei’s wife this identity.As for du Xinzhi and Xu Min between the enmity, with Tian Jing himself did not have much to do with.But it is also because of the heat of 28 events, just let Tian Jing have the opportunity to do live with goods.Xu Min as the key figure in the 28 events, the flow of nature is also very high, and as Xu Min’s daughter-in-law, through the way of open live often public appearances on the network, Tian Jing nature also followed the rub to a lot of heat.But Tian Jing in the live broadcast, has always been relatively low-key, never too much to show off what, so in the net user group has been good reputation.But unfortunately, Tian Jing’s younger brother was not so low-key, under the guidance of his sister’s live broadcast soon, he announced that he had opened two companies in succession, and the registered capital of both companies exceeded one million.This news, also let a lot of people eat melons are lamenting, do live with goods seems to be really money, otherwise, Tian Xinhao a just entered this line not long, how to earn so much money to open the company?Have to say, with Xu Min to bring high flow, tian family from it is really a lot of benefits.For Tian Jing brother suddenly changed into the total tian things, it is estimated that many viewers must also think of the first time before the release of uncle Kaifeng that dynamic.After the death of Lili mother and daughter, kaifeng uncle on the open connotation of tian family, not only did not do anything for the truth, but also put this thing as a tool to collect money.And kaifeng uncle also said: there is nothing wrong with the network to make money, but just to get rich, deceiving good people is a sinner.It’s also an Internet scam.The meaning of this sentence is also very clear, said that the Tian family only to make money, but did not make any contribution to the truth.Before, some netizens felt that uncle Kaifeng said such words, in fact, is a little extreme.But it turns out that’s not the case. Tian’s family did make a lot of money from the project, but they almost never made any contribution to it.Have to say, kaifeng uncle this is also a prophecy, right?And Tian Jing brother now suddenly changed into the total field, for the field family, nature is a big good thing.After all, tian Xinhao has not had a stable job before, now can make such a high achievement, is also promising.But conversely look at this matter, for Xu Min, it is quite unfair.Originally Xu Min is the real party of this matter, if you can make money through live broadcast, it should be Xu Min personally to do it.Since Du Xinzhi can do live with goods, Xu Min has no reason not to.There must be many reasons for not choosing this path.Conclusion: no matter how to say, or hope tian family can low-key some, after all, now we all know that Tian family relying on xu Min’s flow made a fortune.If you do not know to rein in some of the words, it is likely to cause a devastating blow, after all, the truth of tall trees, I believe we all understand.What do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment below!