It’s not right to set fire to 30 years of vendetta

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Suspecting that his sheep had been stolen by Li 30 years ago, Zhao set li’s house on fire.On January 11, the Procuratorate of Cixian County, Hebei province, approved the arrest of a suspect surnamed Zhao on suspicion of arson.In the fall of 1990, Cho s husband s cousin Lee stayed with her for a while.Meanwhile, Zhao mou found their own sheep less two, then suspected that there had been theft of bad behavior for Li Mou, because there is no evidence did not sound.After the family and li mou contradiction day deep, Zhao mou to Li mou has been holding a grudge.On the evening of December 21, 2021, Zhao thought of this matter again, thinking of Li’s home now also raise a flock of sheep, too angry to sleep, decided to set fire to revenge.Zhao will advertising paper in their own stove ignited later to Li’s home, ready to li used to feed sheep corn stalks lit, because that night the wind is wet corn stalks, two consecutive failed to ignite, until the third corn stalks were ignited, after li’s house was also quickly ignited.When the fire broke out, Li called 119 and drove the sheep out. Firefighters rushed to the scene and put out the fire.Classics price evaluation, Li mou loses more than 13 thousand yuan.Zhao was arrested, truthfully confessed to their crimes.The crime of setting fire is a crime endangering public security, and the rural neighborhood houses for the contiguous layout, after the fire is easy to ignite the neighborhood houses causing major personnel, property losses, social harm is greater, the procuratorial organ then approved the arrest of the criminal suspect Zhao in accordance with the law suspected of setting fire crime.(Source: Procuratorial Daily)