China Virtual Digital People Influence Index 2021 report

2022-05-02 0 By

From a technical perspective, Metahuman can be understood as the creation of Converging Technologies such as computer graphics, speech synthesis, deep learning, brain science, biotechnology, computing science, etc.And interactive avatars with “human” appearance, behavior, and even thought (values).From the perspective of future media forms and service modes, convergence technology will bring a new space for semantic communication and barrier-free communication, and the virtual digital people born from this will be widely used as new media roles in the new ecology of the meta-universe, and assume the responsibility of information manufacturing and transmission.It is a new medium in which “man” and “man”, “man” and things or things are related or twinning.For the full version of this article, please follow our official account: Xia Said.Taixia has collected more than 14,000 reports or programs, covering all walks of life, assisting the workplace, cultivating the pattern and enlarging the vision.Excerpts from the report are as follows:The official website of Xia Shuo Think Tank: