Beijing will introduce regulations on the management of representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, which will no longer have a lifetime tenure

2022-05-02 0 By

On the morning of February 13, the 2022 Beijing Press Center held a special press conference on the protection of Beijing’s historical and cultural heritage at the Beijing International Hotel. Mr. Liu Bin, deputy director general and spokesperson of The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, introduced the key and highlights of the protection of Beijing’s intangible cultural heritage.In 2022, Beijing will implement two policies and hold three key activities to protect intangible cultural heritage, centering on inheritance and dissemination, Liu said.First, improve systems and mechanisms to promote the living inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, he said.First, The Measures of Beijing on the Management of Representative Inheritors of Intangible cultural Heritage will be issued to further enhance the awareness of representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to perform their duties according to law and implement dynamic management of non-inheritors, so that the inheritors will no longer have a lifetime tenure.The second is to implement the Implementation Plan for the Inheritance and Development of Beijing’s Quyi Arts.Beijing quyi, represented by crosstalk and Beijing Pingshu, is a golden name card of Beijing culture and tourism, which needs to be further promoted and developed.Beijing will promote the creation of excellent music books, create high-quality performances, and encourage the construction of a special base for Beijing quyi performances.In terms of the three key activities, Liu Bin said that the first “Beijing International Intangible Cultural Heritage Week” will be held in the Sub-center of Beijing city, including the opening ceremony performance, theme exhibition, intangible cultural heritage lecture hall, intangible cultural heritage protection forum, tourism promotion, children’s Fun Park and other activities to further improve the visibility and influence of intangible cultural heritage;Second, hold the “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” intangible cultural heritage exhibition and dissemination activities to show the fruitful achievements of intangible cultural heritage protection in Beijing in recent years;Third, hold “Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Time-honored brands Shopping Festival”, continue to cooperate with e-commerce platform, live broadcast platform, online and offline linkage, help intangible cultural heritage products to realize a virtuous cycle of production and consumption, stimulate the non-genetic development of time-honored brands new vitality.”In addition, we will carry out refining and application of outstanding traditional cultural symbols such as the Beijing Central Axis Intangible cultural Heritage, and further promote the integration of intangible cultural heritage into contemporary life.”Liu said.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)