“2021 Hubei Tea main production area” list announced enshi prefecture on the list

2022-05-02 0 By

On March 15, the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Hubei province announced a list of 60 major tea producing areas in 2021.Among them, 13 are cities, prefectures and directly administered cities, and 47 are counties (cities and districts).The 13 main tea producing cities, prefectures and municipalities are enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yichang city, Shiyan City, Xianning City, Huanggang City, Xiaogan City, Xiangyang City, Wuhan City, Suizhou City, Huangshi City, Shennongjia Forest district, Jingmen City, Jingzhou City.47 Main producing counties (cities and districts) are as follows:Hefeng county, enshi “, zhuxi county, human fluorosed, zhushan county villagers, yingshan county, lichuan city, reduced land, xuanen, five mountains tujia autonomous county, dawu, chibi, badong county, changyang tujia autonomous county, city, baokang county, zigui county, gucheng county, XiaoChang county, haman district, chongyang county, county, city, fangxian county, huangpi district, the town, tongshan county, yuanan, daye county, Yangxin County, Laifeng County, Xingshan County, Along with the county, Danjiangkou City, Hong ‘an County, Jianshi County, Guangshui City, Yunxi County, Xinzhou District, Nanzhang County, Qichun County, Yunyang District, Xishui County, Yichang district, Jiayu County, Zaoyang City, Xishui County, Huangmei County.It is understood that since 2022, the main tea producing areas will be identified as the annual dynamic management, according to the “actual tea garden area at the end of the year” in the “Rural Statistical Yearbook of Hubei province”, the province’s tea planting area of more than 10,000 mu (including 10,000 mu) of administrative areas at or above the county level will be identified as the “main tea producing areas in Hubei Province”, no further document.Yunshang Enshi Report (Hefeng Tonglian reporter Wu Yang)