Yi Fly to the sky!Shanxi general Su Yiming wins gold!

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182.5 points!Today, the “Snow flying sky” platform, Su Yiming “Yi Fei soaring sky”!Su Yi sound!Su Yi sound!Su Yi sound!At the game, the name played on a loop, over and over again!This name has become the pride of all Chinese people!Snowboard men’s big jump final in Shougang city, Northwest China’s Shandong Province, Feb. 15, 2018.Su yiming finally won the gold medal in men’s snowboard big jump with a total score of 182.5 points!This is su Yiming after the men’s snowboard slopestyle silver medal, in this Winter Olympics won the second medal, is China’s first Winter Olympics snowboard men’s big jump gold medal, Su Yiming again create history!A total of 12 snowboarders entered the final of the men’s big jump, and Su Yiming, who ranked fifth in the qualifying round, entered the final eighth on the day.In the first round, Su yiming scored 89.50 points, placing second, with an outturn of 1800+ catch.In first place was Chris Corning of the United States with 92 points.Before the second round, Su embraced his coach. The confident teenager slid down on his skis and took to the air on the starting block — completing a three-turn, off-axis 1800 at 8.49 meters before landing safely.Coach Sato couldn’t help waving his arms at the start.93 points!Su Yiming temporarily ranked first.This round, become a snowboarder master constantly put on a difficult show, all players spell out their own difficult movements.In the second round, Su’s good result ignited the morale of the players behind, after which Japan’s Ken Otsuka scored a tournament-high 95 points, ranked first, And Canada’s Max Parrott was second with 94 points.The third round, the men’s platform medal competition into the white hot, masters in the last jump frequently use “trump card”!Of course, there is also the risk of failure.In front of Su came Max Parrott of Canada, who scored 76.25 in the final round and was no danger to Su.First place, su yiming’s strongest opponent Ken Otsuka came out, he chose a very difficult move, but unfortunately failed.At this point, all the focus on the last appearance of su Yiming body.At 14:00, Su Yiming appeared.This is his last jump in the big platform, but also his last jump in this Winter Olympics, all kinds of complicated emotions, mixed with the expectation of all the people on the scene, under great pressure, go!”182.5!China’s Su Yiming, a junior player from Shanxi Province, contributed his sixth gold medal to the Chinese team, sending a “complete” on the reunion day of Lantern Festival.The fifteenth day of the first month, the full moon!One circle!And dreams!Source | shanxi evening news editing | Liu Jiayu