Xintian: Set up monitoring “probe” to weave tight epidemic prevention and control network

2022-05-01 0 By

Rednet moment On February 8 (correspondent He Xinghui) “high risk areas to return to the new personnel are the investigation in place, control in place?”On February 7, the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, the Discipline Inspection Commission and supervision Commission of Xintian County, together with the county’s prevention and control Office, set up three inspection teams and sent soldiers into towns, villages and streets to carry out inspection and inspection of epidemic prevention and control.Monitoring forces should be firmly on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.On the same day, three inspection “four two straight” way to spot check related the township streets and functional departments, key personnel intensive place, in the main view the epidemic prevention and control work arrangement deployment, high-risk areas returnees monitoring measures, emergency materials preparation, etc., and in-depth township convenient service centers, shopping malls, pharmacy, border inspection station to check the registration inspection situation,We will urge the implementation of primary, territorial and regulatory responsibilities, and ensure that all deployment requirements are met in detail.Giving full play to the “area cooperation” mechanism, Xintian county implements the three-level linkage of county, town and village, carrying out policy reading and knowledge training in villages and households;The township streets tora village cadres, village committee supervision of the “two committees”, village-level JiJianYuan accurate screening, screening foreign vehicles, into the new back to staff, special screening recently returning to high risk area, and have been in contact with them, the door to observe, to track people, don’t leak a family, once found the outbreak, achieve early discovery, early diagnosis, early quarantine and early treatment,We will ensure that point-to-point, person-to-person, joint prevention and control have no blind spots, and that mass prevention and control cover all areas.Better ten guard against nine air than one chance.Years ago, xintian County joint inspection group on 13 towns (streets), 6 villages (communities), 2 township health centers, 6 county direct functional departments, 18 supermarkets, pharmacies, cinemas, farmers markets and other key places to carry out “embedded” inspection, and found problems issued a notice to urge rectification in place.Wherever epidemic prevention and control is carried out, supervision and inspection will be carried out.Over the past 2021 years, SAN tin county commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee continued to strengthen epidemic prevention and control routine supervision and enforcement accountability, introduced five system files, to carry out the supervision inspection 4 times, found that the problem of 51, supervise and urge the rectification in place, all using the first form after asked 57 people, of whom 33 XiangKeJi cadres, released the escort for epidemic prevention and control of strong signal.